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Feast of Min 3

(librarian's note: This was provided as part of a missive to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: June 24-25, 1993
Place: Periden
Gathering: "Feast of Min 3"
Learned: I don't think I learned anything... I wasn't feeling so well...
This was my 14th adventure within the realms.

As mentioned previously, before he died, Randal 'gifted' me with a cursed necklace. When I arrived for the feast of Min, the third of it's kind, I started to feel ill. I had a strong impression that when I heard a horn, I would start killing people. I told nearly everyone as such. They didn't listen. Black lines developed on my hands, and the song 'Ravens' (see: Ravens) kept springing to mind and mouth.

This was the event where Mirkshaw and the Church of the Catlord had their war. It lasted roughly 10 seconds, resulting in the death and scalping of Stonedragon and BS. I'm uncertain if other were killed as well.

Subtly influenced by the Drow, I called the powers of the Kal en Dral and turned off the magics that allowed healing of the dead. It didn't work as I had intended... I .. was confused and tormented. I was sickened by the continual insistence of the heroes of the Realms to participate in tournaments that took their lives. In the Wildes, life was precious, and you only had one... to throw it away on a game made no sense whatsoever to me. My intention was only that the magic not work within the tournaments.. the spell, perhaps twisted by the Drow, reversed itself. Only magic worked in the tournaments. I continued to sing my death dirge, and warn those that passed of my premonition. Still, they did not heed...

Sir Callin and Logan got into a duel. I'm uncertain what the duel was about, but it was to the death. Callin threw the fight, on principle. I raised him with the Drow Necklace, adding him to the 'army' of those with daggers in their hearts. Queen Meg paid me a brewers coin for the deed, not seeing that it was never in my nature to take money for such a service previous to this day, when I insisted on being paid well... She was desperate, though, as no-one else had a means to raise him.

For most the day, I stayed up near the manor, singing songs of blood, retribution, and war. Still, they didn't listen. My hands were turning black. Callin and Isore were drawn to me, and we made plans for the next day, to help destroy our friends from within, made a plan to kill Malabar and with it, his healing circle. I didn't play prominently in the plan, as I only carried a little mace, I was to slay and slay until I was cut down, making as much of a distraction as possible.

When the night came, a valkyrie arrived. She took all the Knights and squires out to the fields, to face the drow champions. Us common folk didn't really get to do anything. I ended up retiring around 4 am, not having done anything but wait. While they were out, the knights and squires retrieved the first luthrian blades, made to destroy the drow knights and champions. I do not recall much about the blades numbers or names, nor did it matter, as I couldn't use them anyway.

The next afternoon, after more tournaments (which I stayed away from, still disgusted), everyone gathered in the second field. I had become silent, little more than a thrall to the drow, now. Someone had gotten word that the Drow army was coming. I was asked to stand guard with Eth at the break in the wood between the long field and the second field. The drow were to come from the other side of the second field, so Eth and I were really just
look outs. Eth had hung his sword up in a tree when I heard the horn...

I looked to him, briefly, and said "Did you hear a horn?" he didn't reply.. picking up my mace, I muttered "I did..." and bashed his skull in before he could really react. I charged into the line of healers then, as I was close enough. Dee was the first to realize I was berzerk, and pointed out the trouble, but not before I slew two more, and injured a third. I blacked out at that point, as many, many swords slashed and stabbed me all at once. I am told Callin and Isore nearly succeeded in destroying the circle, but Morgil had prepared, and had some few protections in place that saved him and the circle. Guess folk listened after all, and wisely, didn't tell me.. though why they didn't just lock us up is a mystery to me.

The realms defeated the drow that day. The drow bore a rather impressive shield wall against the realms, but it didn't matter.

When they were defeated, Callin, Isore and I were restored. My braeling, Eth, wan't very forgiving of my actions, but eventually forgave, as it really wasn't my fault...
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