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Black and White Masquerade

(librarian's note: This was provided in missive form sent to wide distribution in 1002. Author hard to determine. OOC: Carrie Dolph)

Date: November 4, 995
Place: Chimeron: (Westford VFW)
Gathering: Realms Harvest Faire and Black and White Masquerade
Gathering Number: 1 (54)

Following in the footsteps of Sir Tetch (please forgive any boldness on my part, Lady), I thought I would add what I remember of this event in my own words, as I attended, and she did not.

My name is Hiedi Baum. I arrived in the Realms looking for my brother Hans. I hadn't seen him in a long time, and my father was trying to marry me off to a pig farmer, so I ran away, looking for my brother. When I arrived in the Realms, no-one seemed to know who my brother was, though I was assured that he was living in these lands from various seers and gypsies I had inquired with along the way.

A fellow named Lars actually recognized the family name as belonging to a magic sword, and went off to it's owner, to ask if they knew Hans. They did. Hans currently goes by the name Sir Callin of Folkestone and gets most cross with me when I don't use that name.

I was determined not to marry the pig farmer, but also to learn the ways of magic. Shadow (now of folkestone) taught me the art of healing limbs.

I met quite a few fascinating and wonderful people amidst the dancing and food. One was McKrye, a very nice gentleman who did not laugh at me when I sang for him. Another was Sir Eldritch Cleaver, also very polite, and smashing in his black and white attire with the bright orange hair.

I also met several people from Folkestone, notably Blade and Jarrod, who nearly killed me rather than having me meet Callin. They were apparently worried my older brother, Heinrich was also following me... Heinrich isn't nearly so sweet as Callin.. He'd have made me marry that pig farmer, and if he found out I was learning magic, would have nailed me to a cross and burned me alive.

I went home with Callin after, under the clucking of Kara and Katasha, who were quite determined to get me to wear pants and a battle bra over the skirt and blouse I arrived with....
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