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Queen of Hearts I

(librarian's note: This account was provided in missive format sent to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: September 3 - 4, 994
Place: Periden (Rhiassa)
Gathering: Queen of Hearts (1)
Gathering number: 39
Learning: I relearned Raise Dead here.

The first time the Queen of Hearts tournament was run, I was still dividing my time between guarding the Wildes and spending time in the Realms. I believe magical made images of myself from that time will show that I have a light scattering of white fur over my arms.

I was on team Folkestone that year, as they both asked me first, and had been questing with me most of the year. (Not to mention they quested to return me from destruction.)

There is a pretty long description of the various winners located in the histories. I recall only a few things, personally, that are not on the list.

I recall fighting in the Queen's War against Alcar and Eth.

Steel, at the time perhaps 10, was the last person to fight in the Queen's War and win -- effectively winning his title with his own hand.

I recall Jarrod accidently killing me in Capture the Flag, as he and I were the only two standing against Myst's team at one point and he had gone into a zen like battle frenzy.. he didn't register me as 'friend' until he had killed me, and two other people (enemies.). I think we actually won that fight.. not sure though.

I recall performing the task necessary to save everyone from going back to hell forever, results of their trip to hell to save Lorien.. They failed to save anyone, if memory serves correctly. The ritual, or task, was scribed into the Mages Tourney book, it had been deciphered, but no-one had followed the directions. I had managed to uncover from a vision what the truename of the Hunter Demon the drow was using was: Brand. I have no fear of reprisal for this revalation, as later in time (I believe Questing in Rhiassa), Topknot destroyed Brand much the same way Gerablin, the kobold general was -- liberal use of his Name in conjuction with a sword blow.

If the tales I heard at the time are correct (I was in the Wildes when it happened), Dulce returned at this gathering, and opened the gates to allow the heroes to get to hell, and further, was confronted by Brand, and narrowly saved by the heroes from him.

(librarian's note: This follow-up was provided by the same author, again in 1002)

Additional Information: Queen of Hearts 1

I remembered a few things, of varying importance to history. While I didn't myself experience them, as I was off being a guardian, they are fairly well documented in my mind:

On the evening of the first day, when most folk had gone off to eat, or find lodging for the night, a great force of undead came to the tournaments, led by Zermarx's cheif Wraith. The Wraith and his minions had previously issued challenge to Sir Angus Coville: Meet us in the field of Battle at Queen of Hearts -- Whomever wins this battle will keep the Mace of Rhomer. Apparently, most people forgot the appointment, and were left surprised and stunned by the ferocity of the attack. The Realms lost, and the Mace of Rhomer was taken by the Wraith.

When the night fell, Dulce came with information: The heroes that wished to stop the Drow would need to travel to an alternate plane to gather something .. As I was not there, I do not have any idea what the 'something' was. For all my memory, I think most people didn't
know... even those attending. All I know is that when the heroes of the realms came to this place, they came in a mighty, unfocused, massed heap... it looked to the inhabitants like an invasion.

Confused and desperate, the natives, that looked much like humans, reacted as any who sees such an invasion might : they defended themselves with any means necessary. They used guerrila warfare. They used the fact the heroes of the realms were off center and confused, planting themselves in our midst, and attacking when the guard was down. They used the darkness to their advantage, one man pretending to be more than one to frighten the enemy, or lead them far from the 'pack' to slaughter them singly, and drag them from the van. I often forget, when I am entering a new territory, or an unknown one, that my actions are not known by those I meet...

Waxing philosophic... : If you need to travel somewhere, and you have the time to do so, perhaps you should research where it is you are going, the customs and ways of the people, and perhaps consider: How will the indiginous population react to my presense?
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