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KoEF 2: Pyromania

(librarian's note: This was sent to wide distribution by Sir Tetch as a part of a larger missive in 1002)

Date: June 22-23, 996
Place: Unknown (Windham, NH)
Gathering: KoEF 2: Pyromania
(my 61st as a PC)

From the History Section:
The Barony was freed from the Rainbow Plane. Stuart formed an alliance with Stormbringer so that Peregrin could re-build Tuath Fasach. Shane killed Karena ShadowRider, releasing her from the Nameless One. The Shadow Hunter killed Sir Callin. The Dogs of War Blade and Quick were finally laid to rest.

I personally recall very little from this gathering. I remember a 'monster' pit tournament, being run by Eldritch, and I remember when Blade and Quick arrived to terrorize the field.
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