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Feast of Chimeron 4

(librarian's note: This missive was sent to wide distribution in 1002 by Sir Tetch)

Date: March 30, 996
Place: Chimeron (Springfield, MA.)
Gathering: 4th Annual Feast of Chimeron - The War of the Roses
Gathering Number: 57 (58 as a PC)

I only recall snippets of this, in truth.. but the history pages of the realms gives me a bit to work with..

Shadowbeasts attacked. Not an unusual occurrance, actually. In fact, a pack had attacked Gwen, the bearer of the twin blades, Smaug and Fafnir at Marshlands Blood and Thunder...

What was unusual was the fact there were now 10 Shadowbeasts, rather than the 5 that had ever been seen before. And the Shadowbeasts were working with Zermarx.

Apparently, The Nameless One and Zermarx had made a sort of pact, and were openly showing that they were working together. With the Shadowbeasts and their own undead hordes, Zermarx once again captured the Mace of Rhomer.

Blade and Katasha were struck down by a creature later called the Shadow Hunter. Some of their blood was taken. They were the first in Folkestone to be felled by the creature. The attack triggered Blade into becoming the Dog of War version of himself. After slaughtering a good deal of people, Blade walked away, still a Dog.

I recall there being a contest, tournaments, to gather roses. There was a spoof picture in the View, of Callin in full armor with sword, screaming "I WANT FLOWERS" or some such. I haven't seen it in a long time.
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