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Marshlands Blood and Thunder

(Librarian's note: This was provided as a part of a larger missive sent by Sir Tetch to wide distribution in 1002)

Date: December 2, 995
Place: Southern Wastes
Gathering: Marshlands Blood and Thunder
Gathering number: 54 (55 as a pc)

The anger that had been steadily growing was still with me. Father's machinations, and knowledge, was urging me to take vengence for the sacking of Mother's Tomb. Despite him, I fought the urge, and kept as much to myself as I could.

I recall Meerkat was also in a dark mood. He was partially possessed at the time, by either the Champion or Dream Demon, I don't think I ever knew which. Recognizing he wasn't himself, I tried to get folk to fix him. He used magic against me, trying to order me off... Between him and Father, the commands conflicted, and I was near crippled by the pair.

Stuart of the Burning and Green, decided to 'help' me... ... lets just say it didn't go according to plan.

I quite lost all sense of self at that point, becoming little more than an automaton...
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