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Feast of the Scarlet Wench 2

(librarian's note: This was written as a part of a larger missive sent to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: October 29, 1994
Place: The Bar and Wench (worchester, ma, vfw hall)
Gathering: Feast of the Scarlet Wench 2
Gathering number: 41
Learning: I relearned ID Creature here.

I am sorry to say that I don't remember anything about this gathering. I don't remember even being there, but I have a record that says I relearned a spell, so I must have been... If anyone can give me anything to prod my memory with on this gathering, I would appreciate it..

Sir Tetch Korucanta,
Knight of the Eternal Flame
Magi of the Realms

(librarian's note: Update from the same author in a later missive)

I really, really wracked my memories, trying to recall anything of this gathering.. I'm not sure these memories go with this gathering.. If I'm remembering right, I entered the Bardic and sang "Lamas Night". There was some sort of "Death Tourney" being held. I recall that Borin Silverfist had a rather dramatic death. Perhaps this was the gathering that Rebecca and Borin wed? There was a beautiful shield and sword presented to her at her wedding.. the sword was short, with a red blade and flames playing over the surface, with a dragon's head for the hilt. The Shield also had a red rim, with a black feild where a gold dragon flew on it's surface.
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