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Titiana's Game

(librarian's note: This account was sent via missive and was sent to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: September 10, 994
Place: Purgatory Chasm (Fay)
Gathering: Titiana's Game
Gathering number: 40
Learning: I relearned Intervention here.

This was the gathering where the people of the Realms attempted to gain back Lady Dee. We found her entrapped within a large spiders' web. Sir Alanom of the Eclipse, who I think was Knighted at "Into the Lost Gate", did some brave but foolish things, but he ultimately failed..

I made a deal with Oberon, trying to gain knowledge or information on where to find Albion, a wayland blade of exceptional size. In the process, I inadvertantly sold the princess Natasha into slavery, as she refused to leave the weapon that I only meant to show to Oberon, not gift him with. Misunderstandings all around... Natasha was surprisingly compliant about the arrangement. For at least one year, she was protected by the King of Fay. From this unfortunate exchange, I would be given information (eventually) that would lead to gaining the weapon Albion.

There were several tournaments going on, things like scavenger hunts and such. One of the signs apparently had a rune language embroidered on the outside of it, in some kind of feather rune set. Most just passed it by, thinking nothing of it. Later, I learned that Lorner copied out and translated the message, something about killing Prospero. The message told those curious to seek Tide for information. Tide is the Puck's opposite in
the Courts.

Tir O'Sean, Giana, Donovan, Mahkta, and one other whose name escapes me presently, were vampires. I recall finding a rock they were gathered at, coated in blood. I recall being rather appauled that not only would the heroes of the realms not try to cure these people, they were also in some cases giving them positions of power in governments. Back at this time, Sir Mahkta McKrye was often just known as 'the indian chick.' She didn't speak a whole lot of english. In my first summer, she was not a Vampire, and only really spoke to a man named Taris Lionclaw. If memory serves correctly, she was often associated with Verai, as Taris was a member. Whether or not she was indipendant, and just accompanying the only person that understood her is unknown by me. Of all the Vampires that called themselves 'hero', it was Mahkta that people had the most interest in saving...

Sir Tetch Korucanta
Knight of the Eternal Flame
Magi of the Realms

(librarian's note: This was added in another missive by the same author)
Historical Addendum:
Blade and Topknot start to learn magic. The 'hate guild' eventually grows to become "Darklore".
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