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Wild Hunt 2

(librarian's note: This was provided as a part of a larger missive sent to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: June 19, 1993
Place: Uncertain.. I started in Periden, but...
Gathering: "WILD HUNT (2)"
Learned: Divine Intervention. This was my 10th adventure.

Shortly after my misadventures with Eth and all, I went into heat. It was the first time for me, and I was more than a little confused, a touch frightened, and .. well.. more than a bit frisky. I was traveling with Meerkat, Sir Shane, and a few others, when we seemed to fall through some sort of rift to -somewhere else-. I have no idea where we were, only that we needed to locate certain items and accomplish certain tasks to escape this odd place. I recall meeting Mirkshaw's Devlin McGill at this place. Eth taught me Divine Intervention.. and.. a few other things. (If paper could only blush.) Lady Cassia suggested she cast a spell on me to .. er.. preserve my viginity, or some such, so I wouldn't get pregnant.. Apparently, she, and a few other priestesses had this ability. (as well as cure disease.. ) Useful for those in her line of work, I suppose. I suppose it should be noted: Lady Cassia, Queen Meg, (and now Lillia) are or were members of the 'Keep of the Scarlet Torch'. Lillia could likely expound more upon the nature of the keep and their duties, but, from my understanding, pleasure, in all forms, is the form of worship their goddess prefers. I do believe that while Meg was.. er.. in the guild, she and Callin .. um.. met. That was before my time, though.

Being.. distracted.. I can't say I entirely recall what it was we needed to gather. I remember I had to fight some sort of creature that only women could kill. I didn't do so well at that, and Devlin ended up killing it for me.

My wild hunt was really for... er... companionship. I managed to aquire what I needed.. Karena Shadowrider, my first daughter, was born a few weeks later. Sir Shane learned not to promise me 'anything', and became Braeling. Eth also became Braeling. Logan.. er.. helped with a few things, but he was already Braeling.
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