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Blackavar Spring Festival

(librarian's note: This was provided as part of a larger missive as sent by Sir Tetch to wide distribution in 1002)

The next (6th) gathering I attended in these lands was the Blackavar Spring Festival. It was held on May 8th, 1993. It was a tournament event. I did participate in some of the tournaments, the non-combative kind.

I succeeded in winning the scavenger hunt, in part with my invention of a circle of regeneration (Willow and I linked arms, with a weapon in one hand and heal limb components in the other, we broke limbs and healed them simultaneously), 'Love in a Box'.. (It needs to be seen to be understood.. it's a visual pun), a Lady's Tear (where I asked a Lady present to tear the bottom of her skirt for the judge) and Troll Knuckles, (which involved rope, and several willing people keeping their hands up so I could try and 'fish' for them - yeah, trolling for knuckles).

I also won the Bardic competition, though I do not recall what I sang.

I met Malabar (now Morgil) at this event. I also met Eldritch here. I learned Heal Limb potion, a spell I have since lost the ability to cast...

The Lady Anne's heart had been stolen by a demon (again, for the sake of NOT repeating history, I shall not record the demons' name), and my braeling Meerkat, after gaining ground through a short dungeon with myself and other's help, managed to go on alone and rescue and return her heart to her.

I died in the press to get through the dungeon, but my body was recovered by Tiathan. I was told later what happened... I gather that Tiathan was chatting with the demon as it was having lunch, and asked Taithan why he wasn't eating. So not to insult the demon, he chopped off my hand, and ate it... When I was finally raised, I still had no hand. I was more than a little upset...
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