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Judgement Day at Doomguard

(librarian's note: This was a part of a larger missive sent to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002. A few spelling errors corrected)

April 24, 1993
Judgement Day at Doomguard.

There were tournaments. I quickly determined that tournaments that required the death of participants were not for me. Knights and Squires got to do some special tournaments that us lower folk were not privy to. Tiathan, whom I fortunately had little contact with previous (though I do recall seeing him at 'Warding Off Doom at the Gypsies Tent') summoned and set loose the spirit of a demon... There is some belief that saying the name of this being, or writing it down will cause it to appear, so I think I'll keep that memory to myself... The spirit of the demon possessed many people, running rampant among those not participating in the knights and squires tournament. It possessed Logan for a time. I was killed many times by the demon, and started to suffer from a strengthening confusion each time I was raised. I remember that lots of folk made an 'arena' of protection to keep the demon infested person (whomever it happened to be at the time) away from the healers. I don't recall much else about the affair. Like how they fixed
the problem.
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