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Under a Full Moon

(librarian's note: This was provided in missive form sent to wide distribution in 1002 by Sir Tetch)

Date: September 7-8, 995
Place: Chimeron: (Paxton BSC, I think)
Gathering: Under a Full Moon
Gathering number: 53

I recall arriving to this gathering in a state of confusion. I don't recall why I was messed up, only that I was... Pyr was the only one of the gathered heroes that I recognized, and I was the only one around with the power to raise the dead.... I met the following heroes that day: Zeek (then Folthor, now McKrye), Heron Silver, Lysus, Illiona, the elf - Da'Oud, Kataur.. I taught Da'Oud heal limb, as he wished to be a healer... I believe I also met Thomas Cantil, Rebecca Silver, and Gonf this day (though I might be in error)... I'm sure there were others, but memory of their names escape me.

I recall there being a town, holding tournaments. I recall not liking the headman of the village, his name was Ranier (Colin Campbell). I recall being wary of him, and when I cast a ID creature on him, it failed to work, and he gave me a hateful look... I avoided him afterwards. The town was roasting a pig in our honor for a feast. (Her name was Penelopy, apparently)

There was a hunter (Jesse Perry) in the wood, more than a little mad, but nice enough. There was a woman (Lynn Chinigo) as well, suffering from some sort of ailment.

At nightfall, after a dinner of roast pig, Callin of Folkestone was declared the champion of Ranier and the town, and given a token to denote the fact. Ranier changed to a lich, and with his undead minions and Callin at his side, started to lay waste to the town and the heroes. The worst of the undead were the mummies.. they were slow moving, but only affected by fire. They also swung disease. I never used my group cure disease so often...
but, being the only healer, I was pretty much cooped up in the tavern most the day, as the heroes didn't want me straying too far. (sigh).

We survived the night, and found Ranier was responsible for causing the illenss of the woman (who he professed to love) and the hunter (the rival for his affections). He was trying to make her undead.. the heroes had located two hearts, one blue and one red, and needed to decide which would restore the woman to health... one or the other would make her love either the hunter, or Ranier.. not understanding this, the heroes gave her the contents of both hearts... it restored her to health, but didn't make her mind any less messed up... she ended up loving both the lich and the hunter...

Breakfast included fresh bacon. (ooc: oh, for the days when pork was a option ).

Next day found us with more heroes, more healing power, and more options. We needed to gather together certain components to get to the lich's phylactery, but no one was looking for them, so I went out (despite my 'imprisonment' in the tavern) to find the items. I ran into trouble, of course, being alone... but my howling brought Sir Alanom to the rescue, and blocking certainly helped..

We managed to get the phylactery with Callin's help (he was just playing along with Ranier to keep a weapon close...) and destroyed it and the lich in one fell (and disgusting ) swoop.

Sir Tetch Korucanta
Knight of the Eternal Flame
Order of the Magi
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