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Beyond the Bourne

(librarian's note: This was sent to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: June 18, 994
Place: Caer Maguire (looked an awful lot like Darkvale)
Gathering: Beyond the Bourne - The Quest to Kill Thanatos
Gathering number: 33

A small group of questors, including myself, Sir Angus Coville, Daniel Roseblade, Martel, at least one other seer, and perhaps three more people, carefully picked our way to Caer Maguire with the intention of destroying the Vampire Lord, Thanatos.

In preparation for this act, I petitioned my gods, many, many moons earlier, that I regain one of the abilities of the guardians of the Wildes: The ability to final strike. Unlike the watered down versions of this terrible weapon you might see today, final strikes are not a trivial matter. A final strike is the end of the argument. There is supposed to be no coming back.

I understood that when I asked, and was granted, the boon.

Along the way, we encountered a group of Caer Maguirian peasants. I healed an older gentleman of injury, much to his amazement and gratitude. His daughter, Panzy, became quite enamored of Daniel (more popularly known as Quick). We tried to avoid further encounters. Stealth was our only chance..

At some point, we failed to keep a low profile, and Quick was captured and turned to the enemy. He was the only one with a phsyical weapon capable of harming Thanatos, and now it was firmly in enemy hands. I didnt wish to see Quick fall, and used my Intervention to bring him back to the light. To prevent such loss in the future, I merged by Greater Intervention and my Protect the Soul, weaving it to protect all those that came on the quest.

But the enemy apparently knew our mind now, and we became the hunted, rather than the hunters. When he spied me, Thanatos ordered one of his henchman to slay me. He was going to win. He had the weapons. His forces outnumbered and outpowered us. I alone had the ability to stop him, and to save those heroes that came with me. Fortunately I was not far from him. Unfortunately for him, he underestimated my abilities of mobility.. I skirted around his henchmen quickly, and got within range.. Only Sir Angus witnessed what happened..

I would like to say I don't remember what it felt like to final strike... but some pain transcends everything.

I came to consciousness in the spirit world. His body and mine gone, we battled for survival in the spirit realms. Who would be caged? Who would have hope? He, like so many males, underestimated the combat prowess of a female, and he was finished for it. I first took the shape of a Hawk, attempting to learn his weaknesses. I found one.. Taking his arm, I learned he would pause to heal, rather than press an attack. Taking the shape of a cougar, I tore him apart quickly, waiting for the pauses that I knew would come. Magi from his lands tried to call him back, but I blocked the spells...

I hazily recall finding Martel, warning him that Thanatos could come back, should his followers regain his soul - it was hidden when I destroyed his shell. I told him what it looked like, and urged him to find and hide it. I do not know if he succeeded or not.

Part of me.. part of Wildsong's soul and magic still guards Thanatos from coming back. I do not envy her that position. I hope she is doing well, and her 'charge' still lies safely asleep.

Tetch Korucanta
Knight of the Eternal Flame
Magi of the Realms
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