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Darkwood 1:Trek to Kraggen Cor

(librarian's note: This was provided as a part of a larger missive sent to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: September 19, 993
Place: Purgatory Chasm
Gathering: "Darkwood 1: Trek to Kraggen Cor"
Learned: Still learning "Fortune Tell", I think.
Gathering Number: 20

There were demons running loose, and monsters of several stripes. One of the Demons was being rather helpful, if more than a little frightening. I won't list his name, as I know from experience saying it three times WILL bring him to you. The helpful one made a deal with me which I'm still a bit.. unnerved.. by. He was to keep my first kiss (and those thereafter) for as long as Alcar could keep the Ruby Blade... Alcar doesn't have the blade anymore, and I am not Wildsong... so, one way or the other, the 'deal' is over.. but still... . Early in this gathering, Sir Gunner of Eagles Rook gave me his magic sword to give to his squire Gael Ban (was Shadow, is now Sir Pyr). The sword was broken. Sir Gunner feared that he was being hunted by a demon, and didn't want the sword to fall into it's hands. Shortly after, a demon hunter camp and killed and scalped Sir Gunner. I don't know why I was a magnet for such awful things, but it was the third time a Knight of the Eternal Flame came to me with premonitions of thier deaths, and died.
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