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Tournament of Chiron

(librarian's note: This was provided as a missive sent to wide distribution by Aisha)

Meta Information: The Character writing wouldn't know..
Date: March 11, 1995
Place: Amherst Ma. I think it was the student center at U-mass.
Gathering: Tournament of Chiron
Gathering number: My 42nd as a PC.
Learning: Magic? Aisha no use Mah-jick.

Me llamo Aisha. (my name is Aisha)

I go to games with Folkestone pack.
I fight many fight. I kill in many game. I do well. Aisha lose to Quick in long claw - I no see too good. (Long claw is bow.)
There be girl that come with chess piece and paper. She squeek.
There be dungeon. Aisha go with Pack into dungeon. She with others of Pack.
There be maze small, must to crawl through. To get out, need to up through swing door in roof. There be magic woman that make demon. Someone say to Aisha - 'make sure she stays dead'. Aisha listen. We attack, and demon attack, Aisha ignore demon while he chase others of Pack. Aisha pounce on woman, and make dead. Aisha drag woman to corner, and keep dead her. Others of pack, all die. But demon die, and woman no raise. Only Aisha leave.. Aisha want go back for, but others from Pack go after Aisha, and go to save.

Tanto boy, Crow, make deal with big demon to 'save' Pack. Was silly. Pack no need saving. Crow go to care mage-ear.*

Sir Ta Aisha Shara te Rayden
Knight of the Eternal Flame

(Penned by Roxanna.)
(* scribes note: I have no idea what a care mage-ear is, but Aisha couldn't really tell me... I hope I spelled it right.)
Tags: Historical Account
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