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3rd Annual Feaste de Chimeron

(librarian's note: This was provided in missive form to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: April 1, 995
Place: The Bar and Wench (VFW hall, Worchester, MA).
Gathering: 3rd Annual Feaste de Chimeron
Gathering number: 44
Learning: I relearned Fortune Tell.

I had returned home, or rather, near to it, to the village of Tuath Fasach. There, I found everyone murdered, and the village destroyed. All of the dead were beyond the help of a simple raise dead, and I only had the ability to restore one person... faced with such an awful decision, I chose to bury them all... I couldn't reconcile myself to saving one of a population of sixty or more.. The Nameless One had leveled it.

Driven more than a little mad with despair, I instinctively headed south, seeking Meerkat, or my other Braeling for support. I met Topknot on the road, and though he didn't understand anything beyond my distress, he got me to the feast.

Donavan, the vampire, secretly married the Lady Dee. I do not know if she was willing or not.

Prince Nigel insulted by the actions of several Chimeron people that attended his feast, called Queen Meg to a duel over it. Nigel lost, but just barely.
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