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The Great Goblin Hunt

(librarian's note: This was provided as a part of a larger missive, sent to wide distribution in 1002 by Sir Tetch)

Date: May 11, 996
Place: Safe Harbor, before Draconia took over. (UNH Durham)
Gathering: The Great Goblin Hunt

I heard a few rumors about this gathering, though I did not attend myself. For my part I had traveled to the West to visit my father.

I heard this was the first time a group known as Cadre arrived in the realms. I head the Black Star Guild unleashed the Bandersnatch, and it scalped someone. (Lord Duncan, I think.)

From my understanding, the poeple of Safeharbor were having difficulties with a huge amount of Goblins, so to cull the hordes, held a tournament for goblin scalps. Cadre won the tournament, and the 'prize' given was the creation of the 3'8" blade called Sting. Kalin the Conquerer last was known to have the blade.

According to the realms history page, the Rage Blade was recovered at this time, but I have heard little on how it was recovered, or who recovered it.
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