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The North-South War

(librarian's note: This was sent via missive to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: June 10-11, 995
Place: Folkestone (Lone Tree Scout Camp)
Gathering: The North-South War
Gathering number: 48, though I don't generally count it.
Learning: nothing, all done again.

I just helped out a bunch, wasn't really part of it. I remember that the weekend ended in a tie -3 to -3. The North-South War hasn't changed a lot since the first one...

(librarian's note: This update was sent via missive in response to Sir Tetch's missive by Sir Aeryk)

That first year was awesome... the northern team was, I believe, behind at the end of the first day, and on the night quest (the scalp/flag capture war) was losing ground. However, after the south started assuming the battle was pretty much over, the north rallied and swept through the shouthern camp, recouping all of their losses and, with the capture of the southern flag, pulling into the lead for the event. I believe it was Aelias of Chimeron (not the other Aelias once of Thorne Valley), but at any rate a Southern Arch-Healer cast the highest circle of regional magic available to talk to the northern god Brenda and reset the score to an even level. End result, score became -30 to -30. After several more tourneys on the second day, the scores went up to -3 to -3, and I believe both sides were at that point willing to accept mutual failure (not breaking to an even score at any rate) and more importantly, respect. A wonderful event, indeed.
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