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Tournaments of Chiron

(Librarian's note: This missive was provided by Sir Tetch, sent to wide distribution in 1002)

Date: February 10, 996
Place: Unknown (UNH Durham, New Hampshire Hall Gymnasium.)
Gathering: Tournaments of Chiron
Gathering Number: 55 (56 as a pc)

(Meta: I arrived on site, and my leather jerkin was promptly coated in blue ducttape with the words: Magic Stealable on it, along with a note that *I* was stealable, not my clothing. I was also *backed* by that event. *sigh*)

I next 'surfaced' at the gathering knowns as the Tournaments of Chiron. I couldn't tell you how I found myself there. But I recall regaining some sort of consciousness, or at least a modicum of self awareness, while sitting in the north east corner of the gathering.

I recall several tournaments going on before me, and a commotion. Nigel of Blackwood was brought into the hall, all beat up and mauled. I never did learn the full tale of what had occurred to leave him in such a state, and without any true emotions of my own, was not at liberty to offer aid.

I recall someone came and asked me for a fortune tell. After calmly giving them the required prerequisit list, they went off to gather them. It didn't take long for the person to realize that I would perform any magic at my disposal, provided the materials were acquired for me. I was well known as a powerful healer, and one of the very few seers of that time. He also noted the magical (blue) aura on me, and perhaps thought to 'steal' me. Fortunately for me, I suppose, others finally recognized I was present.

Pyr and a handful of others eventually had me 'abducted', and set about getting me to repair myself using my own magic. Unfortunately, the wording he asked me to use for my Intervention was a bit... shortsighted... something about "returning me to the state that the Kal had originally intended...' I believe I vanished, yet again...
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