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The Enchanted Land

(librarian's note: This was provided as a missive by Sir Tetch to wide distribution in 1002)

Date: August 14-15, 993
Place: Periden
Gathering: "The Enchanted Land"
Learned: I think I learned Group Cure disease here. This was my 16th adventure within the realms.
I could check the dates, I suppose, but something stole my original spell book a few years back. If anyone happens to find it, I'd appreciate if it found it's way back to me.

Antioch is a god. Mythos tells us he created reality, or at least had a hand in it. He has several artifacts. One of the most troublesom was 'the holy cursed staff of Antioch'. This artifact had a crystal on the end. The crystal got broken, and reality started to warp.

Earlier in the year, at the feast of Min 11, Quick and Pather started to behave oddly. It was as if they were swapping personalities - Quick became Panther, but only sometimes, and Pather became Quick, but also, only from time to time. Thus 'Panick and Quiver' were born. At 'Da Revenge' the change was less subtle. By the time the Enchanted Land rolled round, not only were they all mixed up, but they took on the characteristics of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, from the book "Alice in Wonderland". To cure them, folk needed to solve a logic puzzle.

I got caught in the warping as well, transforming into a white rabbit. Pol Coville fell victim to a cursed ring, becoming a werewolf. We didn't get along very well that day, as he kept trying to eat me... I had a funny gold thing, round and metalic, that I kept needing to look at, and every time I did, I felt compelled to say "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date."

Devlin McGuille also fell prey to the warping, becoming "Malice" in Blunderland.. She was wearing a very cute little blue and white dress, over her rather menacing looking black armor. Sometimes, she'd be sweet and nieve... others.. not.

There was a very odd wand mucking about. In addition to warping reality, for a time, I became Logan, then later, my mace could only be used to heal limbs, rather than hurt anything. This becomes rather problematic... Though I can now heal limbs really, really fast, I can't defend myself, other than to block.

I interacted with Blade of Folkestone this day. People were looking for fur that day, and some tried to attack and skin me for mine.. I noticed that Blade had armor on that had bunny fur, so warned him that people might try to kill him to take it. He wasn't all that worried.

Later in the evening, groups set out to stop the Jabberwocky.. well, actually, it was Strathmore, the Avatar of the god Rawonam. Some went to try and piece Randal back together again.

Xidekick Ick came to lead us to the Jabberwok, and the bits of Randall. I was questing with Meerkat, Shane, Pol Coville, and likely others that escape my mind... Nearly ten seconds after we entered the path, Pol Coville transformed into the werewolf, and started attacking us. We managed to drive him off, but only barely. Ick decided to protect me somewhat, allowing me to hide in his shadow. We managed to work our way down the path to where Strathmore was, after encountering several monsters.. the worst being the Quiver and Panick troll twins.. We did manage to prevail, but I couldn't impale them with my weapon, as all it did was heal limbs.... I did manage to scare something to death... A monster was hiding in the forest, but with Ick allowing me to hid in his shadow, the monster didn't see me. It leapt out to attack one of the others in my group, so I turned and drilled him with my mace... He was frightened by the unexpected attack, and dropped

We managed to get a peice of Randall from the horde below, and started to work our way out of the land, when we were attacked by Pol Coville, again. He slew me, and dragged me out into the wood. When I awoke, uncertain how I got there, I no longer had ears.

Though I wasn't there to witness it, apparently Adyan tried to kill Strathmore with Randalls' bookmaker dagger. He... affected Strathmore... (groin! no effect... ouch...) but not enough. Enraged, Strathmore forced him to crawl back over the rough terrain, alone, on his knees.

Xidekick Ick ended up repairing the Staff.

The next day, there were a strange array of monsters attacking. I don't remember much of the details. I remember a floating eyeball thing. I remember being taken prisoner, and desperately trying to heal my limbs so I could escape, until my frustrated captures killed me.

Tetch Korucanta
Knight of the Eternal Flame
Magi of the Realms
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