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FoChim VI, Lost Gate VII, VIII

Date: May 2-3, 1998
Place: Chimeron (same place a B&W last year.)
Gathering: Feast of Chimeron VI: Lost Gate VII: the marriage of Callin and
(@ my 82nd event as a pc, sort of.)

My enjoyment of this gathering was somewhat hampered by the fact I was
killed and scalped during the tournaments on Saturday by a pack of

What I do know of it is sketchy at best.

There were tournaments being held through most of the day. As usual, I
little participated in them. There was some form of shadowcreature patroling
the area with a book, later discovered to be the Journal of Sand.

Several 'peasants' were also in attendance, apparently victims of Mach med
Dren possession. Over the course of the day, they possessed others

I was killed before the feast really started and before Meg and Callins'
marriage. I believe there were bets being placed that they wouldn't actually
succeed in getting married. I guess the marriage went off alright, but after
the pronouncement of "Man and Wife" those possessed by the Mach med Dren
starting killing the wedding guests. Meg was captured and taken by the
Nameless One, and Callin pursued as best he could.

Then the other shoe dropped. Forces of the Nameless One attacked all over
Chimeron. The temple to the Kal in Qua Taereth Nunna was destroyed. I am
uncertain of details, but I think Cawdyll and Blackwater were seriously

In the fighting, The Undead General, Ankmar Vengence, and the Ogre General
were slain. Ultimately, the forces of the Nameless one were driven back and
defeated, but Castle Chimeron was destroyed, and her Queen taken prisoner.
Heron Silver McKrye, using the magic of the land, called a new Castle forth
from the ground.. the white stone castle that still stands this day.

Date: May 9-10, 1998
Place: Chimeron to the Northern Wildes (Split Rock Scout Camp)
Gathering: Lost Gate VIII: the Citadel
(I npc'd this event.)

After the events of the week before, people mustered in earnest to destroy
the Nameless One and save Queen Meg. It took several days, and they ran into
resistance from the forces of TNO, especially from her ShadowBeasts.

I am certain that the accounts of generalship and such have been documented,
perhaps the Baron of Banecroft would be good enough to send it out for those
thta missed the postings earlier.
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