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Darkness Strikes

(librarian's note: This was provided as a missive sent by Sir Tetch to wide distribution in 1002)

Date: June 18, 993
Place: Periden
Gathering: "Darkness Strikes"
Learned: Not sure.. I think I might have learned ID Creature. This was my 13th adventure within the realms.

The Caer Maguire attacked the realms. They wore white coats, with a red pheonix or dragon on the back. Some of their number were day walking vampires. Korric, the champion of khorne, was working with the enemy, though I do not know why. Queen Meg made a rallying speech at the beginning of the engagement, trying to get folk to work together, as there was much friction between house Verai and Chimeron, starting to get ugly. I didn't care for the speech.

The forces of Caer Maguire had managed to take the lower fort, and used it as a staging ground. The forces of the realms had a healing circle, manned by the Lady Dee, up on the green over the trade-road. At one point, I became separated from the rest of the realms forces (an occurance that was not horribly uncommon), and managed to gain a close vantage to the fort, listened to the enemy's battle plans, and snuck back to our camp to warn them of the plans. No one really cared, and pretty much ignored me. So much for cleverness and advance scouting.

The forces of the Realms managed to drive back the invading army despite it, but I was not present for the final battle, exhausted from my run, and knowing that the healing point and Lady Dame Dee were the targets for the Caer Maguire, I opted to remain behind, even if it was only to give Dee a chance to flee... Fortunately, the Realms met them partway, and none escaped to kill Lady Dee.

The Caer Maguire were led by a vampire lord, Thanatos. Thanatos was a self styled god of death. He made people into puppets. His 'court' was made up of vampires as well. Vampire Thralls, humans or other sentients that ran afoul the creatures, began to spy on us -- our own friends, used as daggers at our backs. The Kal has no love for vampires, and granted me the ability for a time to scent the Thralls.. I was able to ferret them out. Queen Meg, at some earlier gathering, had found the means to make a cure for the Thralls. I know the recipie for making the cure had to do with certain flowers. One of the flowers was Queen Meg herself.

The line of Thanatos and the line of Azrael are not the same 'breed' of vampire. Thanatos, to my knowledge, drank blood. Azrael's line drinks souls.
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