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Realms Faire and Auction

(librarian's note: This was provided as part of a larger missive as sent by Sir Tetch to wide distribution in 1002.)

Date: June 12, 1993
Place: Periden (I think)
Gathering: "Realms Faire and Auction"
Learned: Second casting of Raise Dead. This was my 9th adventure.

I guess I should mention that Logan and I recognized each other as Braeling and Sisling at the gathering known as 'Judgment Day at Doomguard'. The whole 'braeling' bond thing would be rather difficult to describe with words, but, in brief, we realized that we were soul siblings.

Any way... At the Wayland war, Eth had sort of taken me prisoner for my own good. Time sometimes gets a little screwy in Fay, and he realized I needed to get back to the Realms, so sent me on ahead using some of his rather formidable magic. To those gathered for the Realms Fair and Auction that day, it appeared to them that I arrived out of thin air after a loud BOOM! I was still quite messed up from the Wayland war when I arrived, growling and whining, in the middle of the festivities. I really don't remember much, as I was more or less out of my head. According to witnesses, a very large circle formed around me, apparently undecided on whether to help me, or kill me. Meerkat, also a Braeling, managed to calm me down and set things right.

Some folk recieved strange little sand timers. I never did get the story on what that was about. I believe some of them had the words "the Time to Die" written on them.

Realms Faire and Auction was the first time I went on a quest in the dark with heroes of the realm. No matter how .. odd .. it is, there is always something memorable about your first night quest. We were out hunting the kissing bandit. We were in small possee's of six, if I remember right. I was with Sir Shane, Meerkat, Queen Meg, Adyan, and Quick, I think. I believe it was the first time I had worked with Queen Meg, but I had worked with
the others previously (well, Meerkat and Shane, anyway.. I still didn't have a good rapport with Adyan after the Grubs Fest..). Queen Meg told me to stay out of sight... I was awful good at that, and she often got spooked when she would look around for me, whisper 'where are you??' and I would apparently (to her) magically appear out of nowhere with a 'hello, your majesty' that startled her out of her skin. Our group managed to fight our way to a bridge with death on it (not sure why death was hanging out on a
bridge...) and we defeated him.. (not sure how we managed that either..) but there
was nothing beyond death (how ironic!) and we ended up back at the beginning... We learned it was some sort of wierd dream, so we quested out again, still looking for the Kissing Bandit. We did manage to find him, eventually, but not before Ora Cronin did. I got to witness the fight between the two. The terms of the duel were that whomever won would be allowed to scalp the loser. Ora Cronin lost. I am told that Eth turned his magics toward ensuring that she would not only get to come back from this.. set-back, but that she would also be allowed to remember the incident... The Bandit got away.

If my memory isn't wholly gone, I do believe that this was the auction where Rathkeale gained it's ... national treasure? The silver chalice. Something about Artex placing the whole treasury of Rathkeale and Vidosis, and taking out several loans from various sources (placing the fledgling kingdom in hawk up to it's eyebrows), to get a single silver chalice (in a set of two). That was back when Artex wore blue, green and the stag... rather than the black.
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