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Feast of Chimeron 2

(librarian's note: This was provided as a missive to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: March 19, 994
Place: Keep of the Scarlet Torch/Bar and Wench
Gathering: The Second Annual Feast of Chimeron
Learned: I think I finished learning Group intervention at this gathering. It was, for the moment, the last spell I was capable of learning...
Gathering number: 28

The Wedding of Lady Dee and Lord Highrider..

There were mutterings of war.

Chimeron was seeking a means to gain more allies versus Verai, as the plans for attacking each other at the gathering called 'Into the Lost Gate' didn't work out quite as they planned.. Many of the younger nations, tired of certain qualities of the Chimeron political machine, and just enamored of 'being bad', has sided with Verai. Verai was huge.. in one year, King Tiathan had gathered many to his banner. Folkestone, even then a fighting force to be reconned with, was nuetral in the war. Chimeron wanted, needed, to find a way to get Lord Jarrod to commit his follower to Chimeron's side... They had a plan...
The questors of Chimeron had caught wind of a rumor - a relic, called the 'staff of Malabar', if all the pieces were assembled and put together, would perhaps be the key necessary to restoring Sir Callin of Folkestone from his demise within the Cauldron. The questors of Chimeron knew that Folkestone would do nearly anything to bring Callin back.. they talked of holding the shard hostage in exchange for Folkestone's help with Verai. I tried to tell them this would not work -- that such an action would only bring
Folkestone to Verai's side in an instant.

The feast was very good, or rather, I don't recall it being bad. I remember being disappointed that it wasn't as good as the first.. (after 5,000+ years, I still remember the menu from the first one...) Maybe I had just become jaded.

Just before the wedding, Oberon came to the hall. He and Highrider were friends.. Unknown to us all, Tatania had sent the Lady Dee a cursed necklace as a wedding gift. When Oberon's eyes fell upon the bride, the necklace's power revealed itself, and all hell broke loose. Several warriors of Chimeron were frozen in place, unable to act, as Oberon stole the bride away. Warriors less linked to the land, and therefore free to act,
attacked Oberons' retinue, but were not fast enough to save the Lady Dee. In the confusion, the shard of the Staff of Malabar was stolen. I hear the Folkestone acquired the piece. I cannot say I am unhappy about that particular theft.

Hm.. maybe that's not the right timing... the theft might have happened before the wedding. The necklace did freeze at least Danial Roseblade (Quick). And the shard was stolen from him.. I'm not sure when exactly in the day, though..
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