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Blackavar Spring Fest

(Librarian's note: this is provided as a part of a larger missive sent by Sir Tetch to wide distribution in 1002)

Date: April 30, 1994
Place: Blackavar (a horse barn at U-mass?)
Gathering: Blackavar Spring Fest
Gathering number: 31

I went into heat again. This bothered me, not only because I was in heat, but since I already had a child to replace me as gaurdian, it should not have been necessary... I was drawn to Raven, and he accepted at this gathering. Later, Martel and Lars also became braeling. Later still, Stormbringer, my son was born.

As with previous Blackavars, this one was a tournament event. Unlike previous Blackavars, I was working fairly closely with Folkestone and Raven. Folkestone had decided that they were going to start working on thier teamwork so that they could make a good showing for Queen of Hearts. Several of the tournaments were team oriented, so the group made certain to enter all of them. They blew the competion away. Raven and I were 'generals' for an odd tournament that only allowed us to move Folkestone as 'troops' -- we couldn't actually participate in the event. There was a gauntlet where only two people could enter. Topknot and Jarrod went in together.. Top was relatively new to the realms, and had never encountered Troll twins - that proved to be the team's undoing. ('Top! Troll twins, troll twins' Jarrod yelps as pinging another arrow into the troll in front of him.. without a melee weapon, he was unable to impale it, or limb it fast enough.. Top unknowing, killed his troll, again... 'huh?')
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