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Queen of Hearts III

(librarian's note: This was provided as a part of a larger missive sent to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: August 10-11, 996
Place: Rhiassa (Belchertown sportsman club. Same as current site.)
Gathering: Queen of Hearts III
(my 63st as a PC)

From the History Section:
Those cursed by the Knightmare joined together to defeat it. The Night Quest was run by Jared Buzby. Rhohe, backed by Folkestone and the Southern Wastes, won the honorific title of "Queen of Hearts". The winning Champion was Eldritch, the best General was Sir Alanom and the best Seneschal was Reade. The 1-man was won by Peregrine (for the second year in a row), the One Woman winner was Machta, the Couples winners were Sir Jarrod and Kara (who also won couples in the first Queen of Hearts). Blade brought Rhohe's team back from near elimination in Queen's War with an impressive string of victories, leading to Rhohe's team winning Queen's War. This year's Queen of Hearts was the first year that Rhiassan Live Chess (an adaptation of the Duke of Glenndale's Prince's Chess) was run, and it was won by Tiana's Team.

Prince Bob's Crown was passed from Kathy Horne to Colin Campbell, for his continued
work for the betterment of The Realms.

I remember I went. I recall some snippets.. McKrye's concern.. Blade's seemingly endless stream of Victories in Queen's War.. A cold night. Discordant music, led by Chakra.. I fought with Folkestone again. I'm afraid very little remains clear in my mind, though.
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