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Feast of Min 4

(librarian's note: This was provided as a historical account sent to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: July 9-10, 994
Place: Uncertain
Gathering: Feast of Min 4:
Gathering number: 35
Learning: I don't recall exactly, but I may have relearned heal limb.

From the Realms History File:
The Realms fought and killed the terrible
'Barney' dragon. McKrye recovers the now cursed scalp of Queen Meg. Tiathan left the Realms for points unknown. Logan TreeStump returned from the dead.

From my own memories:
Martel and Meerkat strived to return my memories to me. They did not realize that I also lost 2/3rds of my spells in addition. They appealed to Min on my behalf. Min likes me, apparently, and granted them a potion of memories.. the more braeling of mine they could collect, the more memories I would have returned to me. Unfortunately, not many of my braeling were available.

Min decided everyone became a virgin. Virgins could only fight with daggers. To be allowed to fight with longer weapons took a bit of celebrating ...

I remeber buying a little blue necklace from a Blackwood shop. It had a futhark rune on it that looked like a B. I remember being facsinated by it, as I was still very child-like at the time. Martel tried to explain the difference between good and evil, and more or less summed it up to 'evil is when you don't eat your food.'

Logan somehow returned from the dead, but he did not interact much with me.

Addendum: Way back in the Trek to Kraggen Kor, a 'gentleman' named Ursus Khan captured the body of Pol Coville. I saw him. He threatened that if I told anyone that he had the body, he would kill me, scalp me, and make sure my soul was fed to Azmodeous. Not wishing to be so pressured, I proceeded to tell EVERYONE exactly what he had done, where he was going, and what he had threatened. The scalper quickly became the scalpee...

Any way, back at the Feast, toward the end of Sunday, The Barney attacked. Sir Alanom was killed, so I pulled him from the fray to raise him from the dead. When I finished, I saw someone that looked like Ursus Khan come up on him from behind, and strike him dead. I howled for help, but over the screams of the fight with the Barney, no-one came. 'Ursus' slew me.

I came to much later. I was told what happened. Apparently, Martel and Jarroth came to find me. They found the man known only as 'No-one of consequence (Ursus's brother, apparently)' and Shadow dragging me off. Martel was going to have me raised, as he knew how to do so correctly, but No-One tricked and slew both Martel and Jarroth. Martel had a magic that allowed him to raise from death after a very slow 200 count. Fortunately, when Shadow and No-One started scalping, they chose to scalp myself and Jarroth first. Martel came to just as they had finished with us, and ran for his life and to gather aid against the butcherers. Shadow and No-One fled the scene, fortunately leaving my and Jarroth's scalps behind. We were raised in short order.

This was the event where Sir Callin of Folkestone slew 12 goblins single handedly in a tournament with no armor.

Tiathan apparently convinced Stuart of the Burning and green to help him with a task. McKrye fought Tiathan for the return of Queen Meg's scalp. Tiathan's husband Scoob (once of Blackwater) returned from hell and sparred with Tiathan.. some odd form of Verai marital thing, I guess. Tiathan lost.

Sir Tetch Korucanta
Knight of the Eternal Flame
Magi of the Realms
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