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Lost Gate 2: War of the Avatar

(librarian's note: This was provided as a part of a larger missive sent to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: July 30, 994
Place: The Northern Wilds (College Woods, UNH Durham)
Gathering: Lost Gate 2: War of the Avatars
Gathering Number: I did not attend this event.

I learned much about this event after the fact. The Nameless One had established a Citadel within the Wildes and captured my daughter, Karena Shadowrider. Guardianless, the Beast was free to hunt the creatures of the Land, and held a tournament of sorts. There were several teams of horrific beasts, each striving to allow their leader to be made more powerful, and become the Avatar of the Nameless One. Team Undead was lead by a terrible creature known as Ankmar Vengence, Prince of Netherhelm. Team Troll was lead by a decendant of the original Tormac. Team Changechilde was lead by someone called Silverfang, I believe. Team Ogre's leader I do not recall. Team Orc, the least likely to win, was lead by Skullcrusher, leader of Clan Kurian. The teams of monsters would gain points for killing each other, and for capturing or killing certain monsters within the Wildes. A team of heroes, led by Lady Anne, and Generaled in part by Sir Taurdehl, entered the Wildes with the intent of saving several of the protected creatures in the Wildes, and stopping, or at least influencing the contest.

Lady Anne managed to save Jaymir, the Black Unicorn, and sing the Savage Beast (Karatha) to the side of the Heroes. The Heroes managed to destroy Team Troll and Team Changechilde quickly. Team Undead annihilated Team Ogre, taking one of thier number as a zombie - boulder and all. It took quite a bit of work to put down Team Undead. The Heroes made an uneasy alliance with Team Orc, figuring Orcs were a much easier enemy to deal with than any of the others.

I was temporarily called into service to guard the Wildes. Still in heat, my term of service didn't last too long, and I was dividing my time between it and my life in the Realms.
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