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Tournament of Fools

(librarian's note: This was sent to wide distribution as a part of a larger missive by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: April 2, 994
Place: Amazons home. I forget the name. I think it was Lion's Keep...
Gathering: Tournament of Fools and Belltrix dance.
Gathering number: 28

I had managed to recover the poor peices of my black mace. It was a wreck. I had a new one, red, made up for me afterwards. Eth got scalped. I'm not sure why, and not sure by whom. I used the intervention he taught me to cast to get him back. He would be amused by

I wasn't quite feeling up to par, still a bit shaken by my experiences with Childrak, so left the building for a while to relax a little out of the crowd.

While I was gone, a woman named Dulce (pronouced Duel-chay), apparently came to the realms to 'protect' the luthrian blades from destruction. She was actually possessed by a Drow controlled demon, which forced her to destroy the blades. She narrowly escaped when someone took pity on her for her plight..

The tournaments kept getting attacked by creatures. Over the course of the day, someone summoned, or there came to be a nameless Champion. If my remember correctly, it is rumored that this champion was the same man that gave up his name in order to weild the blades Smaug and Fafnir, weapons designed to destroy the Nameless One's avatar, Tormac, in the first war.

Over the course of the day, Volk managed to get a hold of the flowers of Summer. A greater demon (again, not named for the common good) somehow appeared before him, and Volk gave the flowers of Summer to him, in exchange, all wish coins were to be destroyed, and all effects granted by the wish coins were to be undone... this causes some knighthoods and magic items to lose their powers.. it also removes Highriders' ability to be brought back from the dead - as at some point, he was 'saved' through the use of a wish coin, his soul removed from Hell by one.. the next time he was to die, his soul would have to go back to Hell... Also, Callin of Folkestone, Blade, Jarrod, Thorn, and Eldritch all had to get transported back to the gates of Gaol.... but these two incidents do not occur yet...
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