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Darkwood 2: Blood Ties

(librarian's note: This was sent to wide distribution as a part of a larger missive by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: April 9, 1994
Place: Periden
Gathering: Darkwood 2: Blood Ties
Gathering number: 29

I cast a group intervention (I honestly don't remember for what) but my 'group' became known as 'the Group Questing for Knowledge with Tetch'. I don't even recall many of the people in it.. only Topknot (it was his first event, I think) and Raven. Through the course of the day, we ran into a few demons that we had run into previously, as well as Gath, a fire-wraith that seemed nice enough (if you didn't annoy him, anyway).

I recall becoming frustrated over the course of the day, getting no clear idea of what was going on, so I appealed to the gods for information, and recieved a boat... The boat has long since fallen into disrepair, as I don't sail often, and usually prefer to go with more sea-wise folk then myself. The boat didn't really help much in the way of knowledge..
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