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Defenders of Duckwater

(librarian's note: This was provided as part of a larger missive sent to wide distribution in 1002 by Sir Tetch)

Date: October 2 - 3, 993
Place: Duckwater
Gathering: "Defenders of Duckwater"
Learned: Started working on learning Protect the Soul
Gathering Number: 22

Before I arrived in Duckwater with Meerkat, we learned that shadowbeasts had attacked the village of Tuath Fasach. The beasts had never been seen before. They were in the company of what we know now as 'mach-med-dren' - the guard thought they were strangely fast undead. The Shadowbeasts and Mach-med-dren stole several babies from the town.

We arrived in duckwater, and told others of the attack, but most didn't listen.

Sometime previous, I had been informed that Mit had been eaten and destroyed by Trolls.

Rom, an extra-dimentional creature, started sending minions against us. I remember only snippets of the encounters.. mostly, if you fell, the minions of Rom would turn you into his unwilling undead servants, and send you against your friends.

Volk arrived in the realms. Volk was struggling with a curse of lycanthope.

(meta: The eh's of duckwater constructed a dungeon in a field of goldenrod
by mowing down corridors and rooms.)
Groups of people went into a strange maze that appeared that night. There were odd monsters, and many traps. I was left to wander the maze alone. It was rather uneventful for me. Volk also, wandered alone.

During the nightquest, a Drow got hold of one of the Luthrian blades recovered at Feast of Min three and broke it. Meerkat got sort of scalped, but saved after a bit. Raven and I disarmed a cloved orange.

At one point, Rom attempted to take Queen Meg to make her carry his child (which I think would later be a more corporeal vessel for his power, or some such, and Volk tried to intervene, blocking access to the Queen by putting his body in the way.
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