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Warding off Doom

The next gathering I attended with Meerkat was I believe called 'Warding off Doom at the Gypsies Tent', though I could be in error. I learned Immunity to Poison at this event. It was taught to me by Curly Grub. I met Curly Grub, Highrider, and Logan, and also Shadow -- now known as King Pyr. Shadow was a healer. He didn't know immunity to poison though.

This was the first time I saw Teng Hua's army in action. They were quite fearsom to behold, mostly clad in red and black. There were tournaments that day, and the Teng Huanese did very well at them.

It was the first time I was 'possessed' by the to-rani to predict the future. I predicted that there was a demon nearby.

Shortly after we found out a demon had stolen a girl from the town, and several groups of heroes attempted to get her back. Most came out of the town dungeon in pieces. Being relatively new to the whole 'just human' thing, I made some rather rash statements about going to get her back by myself.. that, of course didn't work out. The questing group I went in with was very large. Gidaro (from Tuath Fasach), Meerkat, Shane, Willow, and others I do not recall all entered the dungeon. We were mostly cut down in the first room by the demon, boneheads, and treacherous humans. We were hopelessly out numbered and out powered. We ran short of healing magic, too.

I don't think anyone saved that girl.

(librarian's note: This update was provided by King Pyr to wide distribution in response to that missive)


Actually, the girl was saved. She was being held, in pieces, in a shattered cube. People would come out of the Dungeon where the demon was, some with puzzle pieces, parts of the shattered cube. I was able to bring them all together and free the girl. I was given a LOT of gold, but gave it all to the questing parties, since they did the work while I "puzzled it out.

I learned Divine Intervention that event and was still hiding from the woman who framed me for a murder of the woman I loved, which is what brought me to the Realms.

-King Pyr
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