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Grub's Feast

(librarian's note: This information was provided by Sir Tetch to wide distribution in 1002)

Meerkat, Sabre (a warrior woman from Tuath Fasach - the first Tuath Fasach, not the current one), and myself travelled to Monks' Keep. I don't remember much of what happened there, at the gathering known as 'Grubs Fest', but here's a bit.

Even though it was labelled a feast, I don't recall there being any food served.

There was snow on the ground. I was unaccustomed to feeling the cold, so it was brutal on me, and my poor, holed, hand-me-down moccasins. By then, I at least had my 'own' clothing - a cast off blacksmith's apron, black pants, white shirt, my very own mace (2' black with red flanges), and a belt and book.

I learned Heal Limb from the leprechan, Nathanial that day. I still use it today, and often teach it to others. He said he learned his from .. I think he said 'Wave'. He also claimed it was the oldest rendition of Heal Limb in existance (that was 10 years ago by your calendars). I have no way of knowing whether or not that is the case.

In our brief forray out into the snows, we saw a demon, which we avoided, and a pair of orcs. Meerkat, Sabre and I managed to kill one orc, and chase the other away, but the beasts killed Meerkat in the process. Dejected, Sabre and I brought him back to the tavern, and Lady Dee raised him. I stayed out of the cold after that. I met Arcon (not to be confused with Arkan) that day as well. I also met Sloan twelve fingers.

Later that day, Dee was possessed by some demon or other, and an attack happened in the Tavern itself. Apparently folk managed to fix it, but I was quite out of the loop on what was going on. The grubs issued black gold on that day. Adyan was rude to me, demanding I follow him around to heal his limbs. I healed them once, but that was about all.
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