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The Champions' Law

(librarian's note: This was provided as a missive sent to wide distribution in 1002 by Sir Tetch. Corrected some spelling errors)

Date: August 21-22, 993
Place: Periden
Gathering: "Arthurian VI: The Champions Law"
Learned: Nothing. I really wish I could find my old spell book, so I could make this accurate... judging from the lists of events to come, it is likely that I was still learning Group Cure Disease at this time, which means I had only started learning it at the Enchanted Land. This was my 17th adventure within the realms.

The gathering called "The Champions Law" was a difficult gathering for many of those involved. Our mission was to destroy 'the Shadowlord'. I know very little of his history, I only know we needed to destroy him. To do so, we needed to get three Champion's Blades. Adyan held one, already. We had divined that one of the two remaining rested in Fay, the other, in Gaol.

Our questing group was split in two, I want to Fay with many others. We found our blade quickly. It was suspended over a pit. Pol Coville ended up with that one. To get out of fay proved more a challenge than getting into it. A chess board was set before us. On one side, sat death. The pieces were marked with names of people that we had lost. My Logan was a pawn on the board. Sir Gunner of Eagles Rook was playing, I believe, but he had been injured, or confused in some fashion - he thought this was his first adventure. I'm not sure of these details, however. I was upset... Sir Callin of Folkestone was also on the fay side. He tried to cheer me up.. I don't remember what it was he told me, but I recall it being something about death not being so bad. It would be the second time someone came to me with premonitions of thier death.. the first being Randal...

When we passed death, we came into gaol. The Queen of Swords, a fierce, tall, red-faced demoness held one of the three champions' blades we required. She slew Lars with the blade, obliterating him. Mit, a sorcerer of some reknown, was also slain by her and her weapon. To my knowledge only three or four were slain by the blade. This becomes important later. I saw Lars slain. He was trying to break away from the demoness. He parried her first blow, which melted his weapon. He quickly drew and parried with a second blade, but it too melted. He had run out of weapons then, and was destroyed by the third strike.

I do not know how we managed to get the Champion Blade from her, I only know that Korric ended up with it. Someone released the Queen of Swords into Fay that day, back along the path we had taken to leave it. If I'm remembering correctly, this causes no end of trouble soon after.

As evening fell, we left Gaol... Several were lost to us, trapped within Gaol. Conf'D'Arcy, Quick, Korric's squire - Azar of Rockwood, (I think perhaps Kilteer had been trapped here as well) and three or four others were lost... I was given a peculiar vision, and a strange token.. I knew suddenly where they were and how to save them, and also that we didn't have much time to do so. I had Azar's 'token'. I needed to find him, and quickly, call his name, and give him the token. Once I did so, he would be returned to us.
No-one would listen to me. They were all intent on passing out little yellow ribbons to try and judge friend from foe. Not interested in such nonsense, I went after Azar and the others alone.

They had gathered in the fort. They didn't recognize me, thinking I was some sort of monster. They refered to themselves as 'Knights of the End' or some such. For them, time was different, and for them, they were the last of the Realms heroes to survive. When I called Azar, he came, much to the dismay of the others within. They thought I was a sorceress, or a witch, and tried to kill me.. they wouldn't leave their castle though. I freed Azar quickly enough, by giving him the token. Having no more tokens, I couldn't save the others without help, so started back to the others gathered... I was slain on the way back. From my understanding Korric saved me, in return for saving his squire.

Malabar and Curly Grub provided the circles of healing we badly needed. I wasn't allowed to use them, as I had no yellow ribbon. Adyan, Pol Coville and Korric all held Champions' Blades. I'm uncertain if Korric was affected, but I know that Adyan and Pol fell under some strange curses. Adyan was transformed into a young, young version of himself. This 'young Adyan' was rather innocent of all that went on around him. He was also easier to get along with. Pol got older, and more cantankerous and nasty. The key to restoring their age and sanity lay in some enchanted spirits.. (scotch, I think). (side note: it took many months to restore Adyan's sanity.. in that time, 'young Adyan' became a member of
Folkestone. When his sanity was returned to him, he tried to keep a duel citizenship, but I'm not sure if he managed it. Pol Coville's sanity was never recovered.. or rather, it was recoved, but someone drank it..) Oddly, all those that held Champions' blades had eerie music emmanating from them. Including the Shadowlord. Only champions could weild the blades.

Then, the cauldron born surfaced... Lars, Mit and any other that fell to the Queen of Swords Champion Blade resurfaced as unkillable, determined, undead. The only way to stop them was for someone to sacrifice themselves by jumping into the cauldron that spawned them. Sir Fletch or the KoEF was going to make the leap, but Sir Callin, his Knight Commander, would not allow someone in his keeping to do such a thing, as the person who leapt would never return to this world.... or so it was said. Sir Callin played 'rock paper scissors' with Fletch to determin who would go... then promptly killed or flatted Fletch, told someone nearby, 'Tell Meg I love her..' and jumped into the Cauldron, destoying it, and allowing us to save Lars, Mit and the others. Not to mention other lives.

A Caer Maguire (pronounced Care Ma-jeer by the way) nobel, simple called 'Lady' was in attendance. She captured and enthralled Meerkat, who then dutifully brought other dead to her that she could enthrall them as well. She captured many that day... Shane, McKrye (in his fierce demon head helmit), Quick, Alcar and Conf were all enthralled.

I remember spending most of that horrible night avoiding being seen. The vampires were apparently looking for me.. I was hiding once, nearly under one's feet (literally) when I heard them talking about how I was nearby... good thing I was good at being quiet, and unnoticed..

An avatar of Slaneesh, victor of the Chaos war, was helping us by healing. Slaneesh spoke to me at one point, trying to gain something from me. I avoided becoming entangled with him.

I think this was the adventure with the slain seeress... Her bones were up in the woods. You could go to her, one at a time, and ask her quesions.. I remember seeing her, but don't recall what was said.

I'm sure lots more happened..

Tetch Korucanta,
Knight of the Eternal Flame
Magi of the Realms

Meta: this was one of Kevin DeSousa's first events. He was playing a monster in the starfield before the seeress's bones. I remember Lance being really impressed with him then. (Kevin was really young.. like... 11? He was shorter than me.)
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