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Into the Moongate

(librarian's note: This was provided in missive format, sent to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: October 5, 996
Place: Unknown (Creathorne Farm)
Gathering: Into the Moongate
(my 65th as a pc)

From the Realms History section:
The realms traveled to the Umbra to save the missing Sir Pyr. We became involved in the 'Great Dragon's' game. Hate won the game. Rebecca Silver recovered the magic sword that only women can use. Tetch refused direct orders from the Dragon Queen, and was mildly cursed...

My recolections:
Pyr Thaylax had been kidnapped. Strange runed stones were discovered, and we needed to gather them all and put them in the right order to open a gate to the Umbra, where Pyr was being held captive.

From my understanding, (please someone correct me if I am wrong) Pyr was to be sacrificed, or something, to his people... Something to do with his lineage and mother.. he refused to be a willing party, and was captured and given over to Hate for torture.

It was the first real expedition into the Umbra, though I heard others might have entered at an earlier point in time, though I may be in error.

In the search for Pyr, we found tarot cards, and several groups of odd beings... There was indeed a 'game' going on, hosted by the Great Dragon. The Great Dragon had amassed four beings of power, Hate, Love, Life and Death, and they were striving to win in some sort of competition.. Gathering the cards and giving them to the powers helped them earn points. Each Force also had a challenge, and if you defeated it, you would get a Sphere of Power. I won the Sphere of Life, which, ironically enough, still exsists... but more on that later (like, six years later...)

The challenges, as I understand them, to defeat each power:

Life: To prove I was worthy of Life, and gain her sphere/defeat her, I raised a Fomori, and rather than raise weapon to it, allowed it to kill me.. Life agreed that I was a true healer, and granted me the Sphere. I gave the Sphere over to Rhohe, as she had texts and seemed to know more of what was going on than I.

Love: you needed to show dedication and unswerving loyalty to the power. Peregrin won this Sphere, and gained an arrow from her. She was a very tall being, dressed in white.

Death: you needed to play chess against him, and win. I do not recall who won the game.

Hate: You needed to utterly hate and strive to destroy, Hate. Shane won the Sphere. Hate was the last defeated.

Before we arrived, the Great Dragons' Game had apparently always been restarted, as the game was never 'won'. That was to change...

This was the first time I saw the Scarlet Knight, the Dragon of Knowledge's main henchwoman.
The Draconians disdained men, claiming they were inferior warriors. They claimed, further, that it would be painfully easy to defeat the Realms, since we lacked 'real' warriors. I believe I was one of the few that refused to allow this demoralization to take root. If the Scarlet Knight and her Draconians refused to believe a man could be a fierce opponant, so much the better -- one should never underestimate an enemy.

The Dragon Queen of Knowledge, one of the 'gods' of the Umbra, had apparently been driven insane from her captivity within the Umbra. Reports tell that she imprisoned her sister, the Dragon of Wisdom, somewhere within the Umbra. Additionally, the Dragon Queen of Knowledge, and her Scarlet Knight and Draconians, were hunting down and destroying the other Dragons of Power.

I believe there were Seven Dragons, all together, but again, I could be in Error.. I only recall the names of a few... The Great Dragon, the Dragon of Knowledge, the Dragon of Wisdom, The Dragon of Magic and the Dragon of Poison. The others I know existed, but do not know their names. The Dragon of Poison liked me..

The Dragon Queen, like her Scarlet Knight, demanded complete obidience from all 'lesser' beings, especially men. She found me, and ordered me to do something, expecting that I, as a woman, would be eager to do her bidding... I believe I told her 'no'.. though I likely wasn't polite about it.. (something like 'death to the dragon queen, in her own language).

The Dragon Queen, and the Scarlet Knight, attacked the Great Dragon, slaying him and ending the Game for all time. They were using the sword Lelmok, which mean's Boneweaver. Lelmok, like her owners, disdained the touch of men, and would burn their hands. Rebecca Silver ended up with the blade, though I am uncertain how that came to pass.

The forces of the formori and draconians were vicious and strong. With the Dragon Queen backing them up, our forces were decimated.. I called out to the Kal to try and gain enough healing magic to raise everyone, since we had recovered Pyr, but couldn't get out of the Umbra, as someone had dismantled the gatestones. We needed to get enough people up to protect those that knew the patterns allowing them to replace the gate... but our magic was depleted, and few of us were left standing.

The Kal granted the Boon, gaining me the notice of the Dragon of Poison, and the Emnity of the Dragon of Knowledge. She cursed me.. at first, the curse did little, save leave a strange scar over my eye, but only those soul bonded to me could see it...

With the power of the boon, I raised many, many people, but was pretty weak and drained afterward. But we got out safe, for the most part.

If I recall correctly, several folk gathered the gate stones, and hid them, hoping to keep those creatures in the Umbra stuck in the Umbra for good... or to keep them in case we needed to go back for some reason. I was not in on the planning for that, so I couldn't say for certain.

This was, for all intent and purpose, the beginning of the Realms knowledge of Pathos, though I didn't hear about him for nearly a year more. If others recall different bits, or can clear up those things that I am uncertain of, it might help sort out the full tale.
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