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Misty Glenn Tournaments

(librarian's note: This missive was sent to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: April 13, 996
Place: Misty Glenn (Plymouth NH.)
Gathering: Misty Glenn 1st Annual Tournaments and Faire
Gathering Number: 58 (59 as a PC)

Misty Glenn.. As the name implies, there were tournaments being held there. The one I recall being the most unique involved a large silver colored fork. (Or maybe a spoon.. in any case, large kitchen utensil). There were many odd folk about, the likes of which I have never seen again. There was a philosopher there, trying to hold a debate as to whether or not the Nameless One could be redeemed, or whether she was wholly evil, or could be redeemed.

There was a war, of sorts, going on beneath the surface. A god, unnammed, only called God, was apparently destroying the culture of the area, lessening and banishing the influence of the earth goddess indigenous to the area called Faelie. Over the course of the gathering, Baron Diamond earned the goddesses trust, and I believe he still calls her his goddess..
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