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The Goblin Rebellion

(librarian's note: This missive was provided in wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002. Spelling errors corrected.)

Date: June 19, 1993
Place: Blackavar
Gathering: "The Goblin Rebellion"
Learned: Group Raise Dead. This was my 11th adventure.

We arrived in Blackavar in the evening. A war between some orcs and goblins had happened earlier in the day, but I do not recall which side won.

Blackavar was located just off a very large plain, very grassy, with one long hill. It was divided by a stream, where trees and dense brush had grown to straddle it. There was a wood surrounding the area as well, and a swamp lay in one of the woods.

More description: If you were coming from the west, the castle stood on the hill to the north, and a largish field, about the twice the size of the 'gopher field' in Rhiassa's Queen of Hearts site, where people camped was south of the castle. Woods surrounded both the castle and this field. Continuing further east along a road, was a short scrubland of shrubs and grass. That eastern road split, one path north, and one continuing east. The northern path skirted the edge of the first field, then went up a steeper hill, it came to small field, and further north still, through more scrub and field. Continuing east brought you to a bridge, over the small stream, and to a very, very long field beyond. To the south of the bridge lay a fairly thick wood, with swamp in it. I never went that far north once reaching the huge field, but recall it going on for a very, very long way, sloping upward. Going south would take you back to the road leading into the area, curving slightly to the west at the end.

I don't recall a whole lot of the goings on that year, but here is the little that left an impression:

Before it came to full dark, I was approached by Sir Randall the Light. We had interacted from time to time previous to that day, I got the impression that he thought of me like a little sister, or a favored pet.. sometimes hard to tell with Randall.. He had had a premonition that this night would be his last, but he didn't tell me so when he came to me. He gave me a necklace, a silver and blue turquios feather as it's pendant, if I recall correctly. He told me it would allow someone to be raised from the dead once per gathering, but that I should keep track of those it raised. He said it was a gift to him from some Drow that he had befriended. I told Meerkat of the abilites within it.

Later, Princess Natasha of Valehaven and heir to the throne of Valehaven was possessed by the Evil Mage. The Evil Mage, in years past, was responsible for the slaying of Prince Robert of Valehaven, once king of the known realms (except the north..). The Evil Mage slew Randall, scattering his remains to the winds, then left. I wasn't present for this, so I could be grossly mistaken about the details.

Somehow, I gained the ability to detect dopplegangers. I'm not certain how or why that happened, but it did. Meg was captured, and a doppleganger replaced her. There were others that were similarly captured and replaced, and quickly, it came to be that I would be asked to judge whether someone was 'real' or not. Lars of Curidh/Blackwater, became possessed by the same demon that Meerkat rescued the Lady Anne's heart from, but though he was bound to slay all, he couldn't bring himself to slay me, staying his hand and begging me to run. He carried swords he shouldn't have had, and displayed powers beyond his normal abilities. I'm just glad he didn't cut me down. Gidaro, Meerkat and I tried everything we had to restore Lars, but nothing we could do helped much...

I do recall that I got slain.. I don't remember how. I have been told a few things of what happened afterward, though. I was brought to Tiathan. He raised me. That.. didn't go so well. He used demons to stitch me back together, but one decided to remain within.. Sir Shane wanted none of that, and killed me again to release the little bugger, and got me raised by Malabar. His magic agreed with me much more, and Shane made certain the
rest followed.

Later, I was slain again, and since he definitely didn't want Taithan to raise me again, Meerkat used the power of the necklace... we didn't know it was cursed.. but that's a story for a later time. I seemed to be fine, and the adventure continued.

Tiathan also.. corrupted Logan. His soul was gone from me, our link severed.

Tetch Korucanta
Knight of the Eternal Flame
Order of the Magi

Meta: just for history sake, not told by tetch...: When arriving at the event, the eventsite was split into teams contingent upon players hieghts. Those under 6 feet were goblins, and restricted to certain weapons and spells, and those 6 feet or over were restricted to a different set of weapons and spells. The orcs were hideously outnumbered, but they got armor, long weapons, etc, while gobins had single shorts and little else. War games were played at that point. Mostly versions of capture the flag.

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