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Tourney at Creathorne II

(librarian's note: This was sent in missive form to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: May 6, 995
Place: Creathorne
Gathering: Tourney at Creathorne II
Gathering number: 47
Learning: I think I relearned Group Intervention here.

I remember very little about this gathering, but I'll try.. Some of these may have happened at later or earlier Creathorn's, but I think this is the time...

I remember seeing Jeremiah Darksparkle.
I remember being hunted by a pack of Caer Maguire, and narrowly escaping them by ducking into and out of the tavern. (For some reason, I think this was the first time the tavern was there.. I don't remember it being there for Kugan's Gothic Nightmare, as they put the 'docks' there.. The bathrooms were to the side where the merchants go now.) Arkydyne of Chaos confronted the the Vampire Sir Tir O'Sean about the knighthoods Knights of the Realms and Knights of the Eternal Flame. I found the slaughtered remains of Sir Pyr on a fence, and got him raised. The Borderlands, under Ironhand, competed in the War Tourney. They had impressive numbers. Folkestone beat them 22 to 69 or some such.

I'm sure there are others out there that could expound upon the goings on at this gathering..

Sir Tetch Korucanta
Knight of the Eternal Flame
Magi of the Realms
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