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Tourney of the Twilight

(librarian's note: This was sent via missive to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: April 15-16, 1995
Place: Twilight Lands (a horse barn and Abe Pasardi's land)
Gathering: The Tourney of the Twilight/The Trial of the Champion
Gathering number: 45
Learning: I relearned Protect the Soul.

The Twilight are a people of light and darkness. Many of you perhaps recall meeting Harlequinn - he is tall, with long dark hair, and more often than not, carries a pike. When he is wearing white, he is the essence of innocent - easily confused, of a good nature. When he is wearing black, he is the essence of devious.. All Twilight seem to have this dual nature. Some are more 'gray', meaning their white and black phases are little different from each other. Some are more ranged - good or evil incarnate, dependant on
the time of day...

Apparently, within Twilight society, there is some sort of caste system, and no twilight acts outside of it. Harlequinn is of the scout class, which means he strictly follows certain guidelines.

The Twilight had visited the Realms from time to time, or rather, a few of their representatives. Apparently, a very, very rare thing had happened among them, and they needed outsiders help... Two children were born, one Light (Dawn) and one Dark (Dusk). It fell that they were of the Leader Caste. Both were of age, and one needed to ascend to the role of leader.

Whomever led the Tribe would color the actions of the people. To compound the difficulties, a race of snake people, called the Yuan Ti, were threatening to destroy the lands and people of Twilight. In addition, a being called "Morphos", a shape shifter of some kind, had taken over the Yuan Ti, and was making them more aggressive.

The Twilight first called us together, wanting to determine a Champion to aid them against Morphos and decide who of the two (Dusk and Dawn) should lead the Twilight. Sir Callin won the title of Champion of Twilight. He chose that Dawn should lead, as they prefered the known ideals of the Light, rather than the unpredictable means of Dark...

During the tournaments, an encypted scroll was found. I spent the better part of the next two days trying to solve it.. It was a cruel peice of work.

There were only three or five symbols. There were no spaces between them. The scroll was four pages long. It depicted a ritual necessary to defeating a monster, or Morphos, I forget which. It worked out that groups of three of the symbols represented one letter. One group of three represented spaces. Others represented punctuation.

After the tournaments were over, we moved to the skirmish lines where the Yuan Ti were invading. They apparently were working on summoning a great demon-snake type thing, planning to infect their own unhatched clutch with the demon's power, making a great army. To stop this, we had to collect the clutch, and destroy it. I remember Stuart was instrumental to the ceremony, but I don't recall much of it, beyond a lot of egg yolk everywhere.. I actually found most of the eggs, with the help of a Yuan Ti. He was apparently possessed or desperate for an artifact stolen from him by the Priestess of the Yaun Ti, and in his misery, betrayed his people.

Unfortunately, it wasn't all of the eggs. Apparently, the Priestess had kept one.

In the night, a Yuan Ti captured and scalped me. When I was recovered, I was more than a little messed up. My memories are a bit fractured from that point. I remember working on the runes still. I remember avoiding people. I recall the demon snake attacking, it's wings outstretched and everyone ran from it. It could be halted by calling it's name. The scroll had that name.

Not thinking too clearly, I attacked it with reckless abandon while more capable fighters (with much longer weapons) ran away.. I know we defeated the Yuan Ti, but I don't recall who finally destroyed the demon. Morphos, I believe, got away...

Sir Tetch Korucanta
Knight of the Eternal Flame
Magi of the Realms
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