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The Wayland War

(librarian's note: This was provided as part of a larger missive as sent by Sir Tetch to wide distribution in 1002.)

The gathering known as 'the Wayland War' was my eighth such, and occurred on May 29th, 1993. Prospero was first seen here, he stole a Wayland blade (Orias) from Cheswick. There were two merchants that called us together that day. Antonio and Prospero. They had some sort of agreement, and were using us for a contest of some kind. We were 'valued' by what we were able to do. I had just learned 'Raise Dead' so was valued at 3 points or some such. Each team was to gather certain pieces for their merchant. I was hired by Antonio. I died.. far too many times that day. I .. am rather foggy on what happened after the ninth time. I recall, fuzzily, that Eth tried very hard (he used an intervention) to try and piece me back together again, but the magics of the land refused to aid him and myself. Fearing that I would wander the woods of fay and be lost, Eth captured and took me to his home to try and research the problem... I don't recall much of that time.
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