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Feast of Chimeron I

(librarian's note: This account was provided to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

My first interaction with people of the Realms was while I was Tetch Wildsong. It was a gathering now known as 'the Feast of Chimeron', the first of it's kind. I arrived with my braeling, Meerkat, and my friend, Willow Brightsong. We were announced by Grommet. I was wearing some clothing Meerkat had lying about, as I was fresh from the Wildes, and clothing wasn't a necessity there...

I met Lars, Alcar, Shane, Gunner, Biggen Dumb, and others. Logan Treestump was introduced to the court that day. There was a.. slight altercation.. between Queen Meg and Sir Gunner about a .. rather rash statement she had made some time earlier. Being new, I didn't know what that was all about. I found out later that the Queen had made a statement about Chimeron being 'the last bastion of honor' in the realms, and Sir Gunner of Eagles Rook was more than a little insulted. Highrider proposed to the Lady Dee at the occasion. Dinner included a winter salad, soup, roasted chicken, pies, and more. It was a long time ago for me (nearly 6,000 years) so I don't remember all the details, unfortunately.

(librarian's note: Sir Tetch has added this in a later missive)

Biggen Dumb sat next to me at the feast. His wife feared we'd start a food fight, as I wasn't quite civilized yet, and he had threatened to snitch food off my plate. I told her I do no such thing, as that was a useless waste of provender.

Alcar accidently entered the 'men with kilts' room, rather than the men's room.. much laughter ensued.

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