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Tournaments of Chiron 2

(librarian's note: This was provided as a part of a larger missive sent to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002. Slightly edited)

Date: September 12, 993
Place: Not sure where
Gathering: "Second Annual Tournament of Chiron"
Learned: Started to learn "Fortune Tell", I think.
Gathering Number: 19

I was given the ability to scent out vampire thralls this day, through the Kal en Dral's grace. Using this gift, I scented and hunted down and had cured at least three people: Meerkat, Conf d'Arcy, and McKrye. There may have been more I rooted out, but these I remember best. They all fought.. Conf tried to run, but was captured. Meerkat tried to fight, but was quickly overwhelmed, McKrye played like he would cooperate, and nearly destroyed the thrall cure... I stopped the Vistani from poisoning everyone.. They had a chalice full of love poison. I discovered what they were up to, and cast an immunity on
the cup, nullifying the poison. They weren't too happy with me. Love isn't something that should be tinkered with.

The Vistani Matriarch did a Tarot card reading for me. It wasn't very helpful. I won the Healers Tourney. Thomas Althorn won the title Champion of Chiron.
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