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Attack of the Northern...

(librarian's note: This was written as a part of a larger missive sent to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002

Date: September 17-18, 1994
Place: Folkestone (This was the first event using Lone Tree Boy Scout Camp.)
Gathering: Attack of the Northern Death Bunnies
I did not attend this event long enough for me to consider myself a part of it, despite my involvement.
I didn't learn anything new either - I was too busy...

The forces of the Realms gathered together to try and take on the forces of Zermarx and possibly gain back the Mace of Rhomer. While they were looking for a way, they started to recover pieces of a book called "The Book of Germantuse". I read it, once it was completed, but I don't recall much about the contents. If anyone has a means to do so, it would be great to see copies out there available for people to read. Lord Jarrod, I think, promised the group that retrieved the most peices a walk through the folkestone vault..

There was a 'head cultist' of Zermarx at the gathering, oft in the company of her wraith. This cultist took control of the vampires Tir O'Sean, Giana, and Donavan for a short period of time, as a point to prove Zermarx was master of any and all undead.

I went to the gathering to help in an assault of the astral plane. I took several brave people over to the other side to seek out Zermarx, and learn a bit about him. In the astral plane, these people ran into several challenges. Some were killed, and sent back to their bodies, unable to return.

To my knowledge, others went out in the nighttime to try and block some of Zermarx's power on a different plane as well, but I had little contact with that quest.

The princess Natasha of Valehaven used a unicorn horn to restore her cousin, the Prince Bob, to life for a 'visit' of this one weekend. Taurdhel, little seen then as now, was also in attendance. If I remember the tales right, there was a bard that people needed to amuse to either gain a piece of the book, or something simliar..

Taudhel won whatever the prize was by telling her a dirty joke.

The following day, the forces of Zermarx attacked in earnest, the lead wraith and his 'cultist' in the van. Despite their successes in the night, the forces of Zermarx won the fight, and not only kept the Mace of Rhomer, but nearly captured the Shield of Germantuse, an artifact recovered by Prince Bob.
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