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Dark Vision I

(librarian's note: This was provided as a part of a alrger missive sent to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: August 12-13, 995
Place: Shadow Hawk (Abe Pasardi's land)
Gathering: Dark Vision I - The Day Of Darkness
Gathering number: 50

Dark Vision I - The Day Of Darkness

From the history page: Randal was locked in his tower. Vladamir plotted to assassinate his younger self and change the course of history. The goblin king was freed from the influence of a vampire. Sir Shane killed Ilgoth, the Avatar of Rexan and the leader of the Aspis.

What I remember:
Saturday: Lots of Goblins. Most notably an almost friendly goblin shaman, and a not so friendly goblin archer. Both really didn't like us much, but wanted thier king freed, so aided.. somewhat.

Saturday night: The tower that Randal was locked in was surrounded by undead. I was travelling with Sir Pyr that night. He made the mistake, as Queen Meg did two years before, of asking me to stay hidden. He was startled more than once to find me hiding (quite literally) in his shadow. There wasa door none of us could get through. I believe one of us volentarily became a vampire in order to get mistform so they could get through a tiny knot in the wall, and open it from the other side. When we finally got to the
center of the wood where the tower lay, only one of us could go in at a time. I was third in line to enter.. Alyas of the Clan and Meerkat were before me. They managed to find Randal, kill the creature trying to kill him, and set things to right (so I never did go in).

(librarian's note: This second update was penned by the same author)

I recall the Goblin King was possessed by a vampire. I'm not sure if the Vampire was Illgoth, but I think it may have been. There were at least two goblins that were willing to work with the pc's to try and rescue their leader. One was a shaman, the other a hunter. Occasionally, the hunter would flip out and kill the heroes that had gathered, but the heroes would inevitably forgive him the outburst and raise him.

We learned over the course of the day that Randal the Light had locked himself away in his tower, and was in need of rescue (though we didn't know from what). Through many little quests, mostly involving gathering certain items, I made the key necessary to open up the outer walls of his tower, that we might later get to Randal.

Vladamir, the head priest of Dionin, and also his Champion in the Ascension war, plotted to kill his younger self in an attempt to change his own history, and the history of the Realms. I cannot recall if he succeeded or not, but I think he did. Vladamir was also a vampire, if I remember correctly. The history of Vladamir, Alcar Mortrass, Morgan Mortrass, Crosastian, and Dionin are all interlinked. To my knowledge, Morgan Mortrass, Father of Alcar (now King Alcar of Coventry) managed to lock Dionin (a god of death) away in a prison of some sort, crippling the magic of his cult. Morgan was a powerful spell caster. If I'm not horribly confused, I believe later, Alcar killed Vladamir as he (Vladamir) attempted to kill Alcar's love. Guyanna, a Death Cultist of Dionin, killed Alcar's mother. I might be in error on any of these points. Alcar might be the best person to ask for details of such things.

Meerkat freed the goblin king from his enthrallment. I don't know how he managed that, however.

We made our way to Randal's tower, using the 'key' that I had formed earlier in the day. The tower was surrounded by a maze of hedges, and filled with slow moving, but tenacious and nigh invulnerable undead. I was working with Pyr that night. He asked me, like Queen Meg had so many moons earlier, to hide so I wouldn't get killed... on more than one occasion, I startled him badly, popping up when he called for me... The passage to the center where the tower lay was arduous. We had to pass through many obstacles, from a
spiders web to a acid filled pit, to a knot in the wood of a door.. The last required a vampire to help us... Dugal (then independant, now of Folkestone) 'volenteered' for the task, draining blood from several people to gain the necessary power. He slipped through the knot and let us in. Alyas of Coventry and Meerkat managed to gain entrance to the tower, and saved Randal from a Lich that he was locked in combat with. Not being there, I don't know if the Lich was the future version of Randal, or Abakon, Randal's father.

Shane managed to kill Illgoth with the Sword of Kings. Illgoth, a Prince of Vampires, was also the leader of the Aspis and the Avatar of Rexan, a god of Death and Snakes.

There is some form of corrolation between Rexan and Dionin. Some believe they are two halves of the same god. I don't have a great deal of information on the subject, however.

A few bits of trivia that might prove useful:

Abakon is Randal's father. Abakon was a powerful Lich. He made the Deathknights. He used to be a follower of Aurora. Randal is a time-mage. Later in life, Randal became a Lich. He blames Folkestone for this turn of events. Christopher is a reality mage, and Randal's brother. Christopher lives in Coventry. Zebeedee is or was the court mage of Coventry.

The Staff of Aurora was a small wand with names on it. The names were of the people whose souls were trapped within it. One of Alcar's uncles was powering it.

In the Hierarchy of Gods: God is top of the chain, followed by Avatar, then Champion. Champions, for the most part, are simple mortals.

Strathmore is the Avatar of Rawonam. Strathmore is an ancient and very powerful Dragon. Strathmore has at least one son, known as "The Champion". The Champion is the son of Strathmore and Minerva. Minerva is a goddess of Dreams. The Champion is the Avatar of Dionin. Strathmore has at least 3 grandchildren, and they have a prophesy laid upon them: One will turn to darkness, One will turn to Light, and the other will be slain... The three grandchildren were Strathmere, a male green dragon raised by Sir Blade of Folkestone, Roxanna, a female blue dragon raised by Aisha of Folkestone, and the third, I do not know the name of, was possessed by Daniel Roseblade..where that dragon went, or how she fares I do not know. Roxanna,ironically enough, is the dragon borne from the egg I found in the tree a few months earlier.
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