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The War of Souls

(Librarian's Note: This was provided as a part of a larger missive sent to wide distribution in 1002 by Sir Tetch. Corrected some spelling errors)

Date: June 11 - 12, 994
Place: Lord Swans Lands.. somewhere to the west.
Gathering: The War of Souls
Gathering number: 32

Over the course of the summer of 1993, there appeared certain markings from time to time on the nobels and certain knights and people of the land. The symbol looks much like the letter N, save the edges are a bit more curved, like two halves of a circle, the bowed ends facing each other, with two dots in the curves. Like this: *)\(* (save the dots are more in the center). The nobels often had them on the backs of their hands. Queen Meg, Lady Cassia, Sir Callin, Sir Raven, Alanom, Francois, and Mathias of the Eclipse, Sir Eldritch, Sir Shane, Lord Jarrod and others I am forgetting now, all bore this curious mark. I remember attempting to divine what they were once, sometime the summer before (for some reason, I think it was in Blackavar, but that doesn't much make sense, as I didn't have Fortune Tell back then.. I think my memories are a bit scrambled..). In any case, I couldn't get anymore information on the matter, so had to let it lie..Unfortunately, more than one of my braeling were now possessed...

The symbol was of Nemesis, a greater demon that delighted in possession. Every thousand years or so, he would return to plague the living. A single mage dedicated himself to trying to destroy the demon, and went to great lengths to try and inform future generations how to stop the fiend should he resurface again. I unfortunately have none of this information.. If someone knows how to get a hold of Lorner, they might do well to get this information, and keep it on hand, should Nemesis ever rise again.

When I arrived at the gathering known as the War of Souls, Nemesis struck.. I was confused, and still in heat, when he managed to squirm his influence around my protections, and take my free will. Sadly, I still remember much of what transpired, even though I was not myself.. The demon prince decided he loved me... It is painful for me to continue, but I shall try to give broad strokes of what happened..

The heroes of the Realms, in an attempt to rescue their lords and friends, needed to recover a chest filled with the lore of this unknown mage. Unfortunately, their lords and friends were the people guarding this chest. Most of the afternoon dragged on, and very few of the adventurers present could hope to defeat those taken by Nemesis. Sir Eldritch was directly possessed by the demon.

If I remember correctly, the gathered heroes, toward sunset, finally managed to get the box using stealth and distractions.

Over the course of the evening, armed with a bit of knowledge, groups of heroes struggled to gain back their leaders. Very few succeeded, in fact, Some heroes, such as Blade of Folkestone, was lost to the demon. Blade and the rest of the Folkestone folk that quested with him, was one of the very few to get to the final challenge, where myself, Callin and 'Eldritch' lay.

They were the only group that I recall had a chance to save anyone. Taking the coin of fate, Blade flipped to try and free Eldritch - figuring if Eldritch was freed, the demon would be lost .. it was a good plan, actually, it is a pity he failed the flip, and rather than gainind Eldritch to his side, came to ours.

This night was the first I know of where the phrase 'Power Drain' threatened the mages of the realms.

The box of the mage outlined a ritual to get rid of the Demon Prince once and for all. It was to be enacted on the following day. Pol Coville was one of the more important players in that ritual. If memory serves, the mage called Caliban was secretly working against the heroes for Nemesis. He also participated in the ritual. The ritual Failed, and Pol Coville was lost to astral space. Lorner was mildly possessed by the soul of the dedicated
mage, in the form of a magical dagger. I do not know what became of the lore.

Free now to do as he pleased, Nemesis took me to hell to wed me.. Alcar of Curidh persued, the only one. He couldn't stop the wedding.. or the consumation of it. He did manage to take me home. I .. sometimes still bear the marks. They appear on my thumbs at odd intervals. Fortunately, they haven't resurfaced in a long time. Perhaps I am finally free... though a witch or some sort proclaimed I would bear his child...

Sir Tetch Korucanta
Knight of the Eternal Flame
Order of the Magi
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