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Kugan's Gothic Nightmare

(librarian's note: This was provided as a part of a larger missive sent to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: August 13-14, 1994
Place: Uncertain (Creathorne Farm)
Gathering: Kugan's Gothic Nightmare
Gathering number: 37
Learning: I found a record.. I relearned Immunity to Poison here.

Meta: This was the first 'sea' adventure I went on. It also went a long way toward establishing 'boat' rules and 'boat combat' within the realms - or at least in my perceptions.

A large horde of pirates were menacing the realms. Heroes were invited to bring boats to chase down and destroy these marauders.

Folkestone introduced the two boats the SS EAT, and the SS ME into service. With those two boats, they destroyed the pirate crew, and took their boat. We gathered up means to defeat the leader of the pirates. We were to attack at night, one boat at a time. Folkestone assembled the most fierce crew they could to go after the leader. I was selected to go with them, and given a magic flute to play for the duration of the trip, to keep the sea serpent amused and off our back. The sea serpent apparently liked my playing, as it followed the ship, seeming to dance along behind us. It never attacked. The Folkestone boat defeated the enemy. (This caused a bit of unhappiness, as no-one else needed to go out, and doing so would have been pointless..)
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