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KoEF 1: Feel the Burn

(librarian's note: This was provided in missive form sent to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: Sept 9 - 10, 995
Place: (Unknown) (Creathorne)
Gathering: KoEF 1: Feel the Burn
Gathering number: 52

From the History Section:
In the Nexus, Baron Diamond and Lorner happened upon a group of Drow led by a Caer Muigire searching for someone. They watched long enough to see the villains find Luthrien - the Silver Elf that created the swords of Luthrien, but were unable to prevent the Caer Muigire from killing and scalping him.

I recall very little about this gathering. I remember Lorner telling me that he and Diamond were the only two to enter a nexus gate, and they almost succeeded in saving Luthrien, but were about 3 seconds too late.

The nexus (from what I understand, I've never personally been to it), is apparently a place where random gates to random quests open and close... This was the first time the heroes of the Realms encountered it's power. I believe the Orc called Harlequin, one of the Nameless One's original generals, was defeated by Baron Diamond on this day.
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