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Queen of Hearts II

(librarian's note: This was provided in missive form sent to wide distribution in 1002)

Date: August 26-27, 995
Place: Rhiassa: (Current Site Used)
Gathering: Queen of Hearts II
Gathering number: 51

From the History Page:
The Knightmare ensnared several people. Lars became the Champion of Rexan. Friday's Night Quest into Hades was run by Aaron Addison and Tim Gilkes and Randy Gordon ran Saturday's Night Quest. Sarabette, backed by Folkestone and the Southern Wastes, won the honorific title of "Queen of Hearts". The winning Champion was Sir Daniel Roseblade, the best General was Peregrine and the best Seneschal was Rebecca Silver. The 1-man was won by Peregrine, the One Woman winner was Katasha, the Couples winners were Peregrine and Bronwyn. This year's Queen of Hearts was the first year that Ultimate Magic (no longer a part of Queen of Hearts) was run, and it was won by Sarabette's Team. Prince Bob's Crown was passed from Stephen Johnson to Kathy Horne, for her continued work for the betterment of The Realms.

What I remember:

The Friday before queen of Hearts, several people went off the Hell to try and rescue Lady Cassia from Demonicus. I recall being asked not to go. People came back with tales about dancing dead, and a party near a huge cauldron. Daniel Roseblade was apparently tormented, and later, Amica, a bard, recited the harrowing tale in a musical farce... (sung to 'I'm the Only One' by Melissa Ethridge.. not that I remember much of it, only hearing it the once, but ...
... it's not only fear that makes you run
but demons that your hiding from
when all your magic swords are gone
you're the only one)

Peregrin stepped up at the last minute to make a fourth team for Queen of Hearts. The team only had 5 or so people on it.. Peregrin, Bronwyn, Daniel Roseblade and Donovan... plus Stuart, I think.

I recall very little of the Knightmare, but it apparently offered several people 'their greatest desire' - the cost was their soul. Those captured were given one year to complete a task, but if they failed, they would lose their lives to the Knightmare. I recall that Daniel Roseblade, Carmen of Folkestone, and some members of Folkestone were captured by the thing.

I don't recall much of the tournaments themselves.

I do recall becoming much affected by a terrible feeling of deja-vu.. I kept becoming confused as to what year it was... I kept thinking it was the first Queen of Hearts, and that the forces of Zermarx were on their way to take the Mace of Rhomer... my premonitions proved true, as the forces of Zermarx, lead by his wraith, again attacked the realms.

Over the course of the night, Lars was approached by an Aspis, and coerced into becoming the Champion of Rexan. He accepted the position only so that a person of good temprement would enter the contest of the Ascension rather than a monster... The Aspis, Laurant?, may or may not have been a future version of Lars himself. I have heard the Callin of Folkestone sacrificed himself that Lars could live again, by using his Knight Avatar of Chimeron ability.
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