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Feast of Rhiassa III

(librarian's note: This missive was provided to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1003)

Date: January 25, 997
Place: Rhiassa (unknown)
Gathering: 3rd Annual Feast of Rhiassa
(my 68th as a pc)

>From the History section:
25: Third Annual Feast of Rhiassa held by Randi LaMadeleine - this was her first event as eventholder. Pyr and Heron were recovered. Heron was now linked to McKrye, so if one were be scalped, they both would be. Lady Anne performed "The Death of Sir Pyr" and received one of the longest standing ovations ever seen at a Realms event.

I remember performing both rituals to get Heron and Pyr back. I remember McKrye sacrificing a part of himself to Call Heron back. The two became intertwined, so much so that if one were scalped, both would die. Later on, this caused some difficulties because when one was cursed, the other became so as well. Magic eventually unwove the two, letting them be their own souls.

Pyr... I had to use .... I guess I would rather not discuss what needed to be done to get Pyr back. Suffice to say, I retrieved him where no other could have at that time.

I recall this was the same hall as was used the year I came back as a 'baby', but I cannot clearly recall where this was in Rhiassa.

I may be confused, as it was a long time ago for me, but I think this was the gathering where Da'Oud sacrificed his magic, including his elven nature, to reweave or retrieve the sword called Banishment - the sword necessary to destroy Pathos..
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