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2nd Annual Feast of Rhiassa

(Librarian's note: This was sent via missive to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: March 2, 996
Place: Rhiassa
Gathering: 2nd Annual Feast of Rhiassa
Gathering Number: 56 (57 as a PC)

I next arrived at this feast. I recall standing in a entry way of some sort, unable to really move. Folk were far from where I was, and the noises they were making didn't make a whole lot of sense. Eventually, I managed to crawl my way into the main hall, and gained some folks attention. I don't remember who they were.

I had apparently be reverted to the mental capacity of an infant, and a rather impressionable one at that.

I remember being foisted off on some poor servant. I was fascinated by his beard. I remember latching on to some shiney things on Morgil's necklaces. I remember trying to eat a fork... McKrye learned not to hand me metal objects afterward. I remember being surprised (and unhappy) about the consistancy of a bread stick, after eating much softer things. I remember a snippet of conversation between Meg and Shane about converting a room in the castle to a nursery...

I remember that I regained myself over the course of the day.. but I couldn't tell you exactly how.

If memory serves, Stuart broke the hourglass of Antioch on this day, with some random wish... Also, some force was hunting down and killing members of the Bookmakers Guild.
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